Teach-a-Skill … Unleash your passion to teach and make a positive difference


Passionate teachers have always made a difference to the lives of many and we remember them with gratitude for making us knowledgeable, skilled and competent. However, not all passionate teachers are in the profession of teaching! But, the good thing is that, with the economy going the gig way, new opportunities are getting created for doing what we love, giving back, being responsible and building purpose in all our pursuits.

Teaching is one of the ways to realize our purpose and seek fulfilment, while being employed or retired.

A Chartered Accountant may be interested in helping someone develop skills in the domain or a veteran tour guide may be looking for opportunities to groom young students. Or, a stay-at-home professional or a home maker may wish to train someone in skills such as customer service or gardening. Or, a retired professional with expertise in niche technical areas or an accomplished performer or artist may be in great demand for a rare skill. There are many industry – recognized job roles where your expertise is called for and you can know more about them by visiting the Sector Skill Councils websites.

Teach-a-Skill-NSNTeach-a-Skill – Making a positive difference to both industry and society

Teach-a-Skill is an initiative from National Skills Network – NSN, to connect people and their passion to impart training in any of the skills that they are good at. The impetus for Teach-a-Skill is number of queries we get from our audience regarding their interest in contributing to youth employability through skill-based training, as volunteers and part-timers. As a first step, we have created an online form that captures basic information about background and interests of volunteers and enthusiasts.

Click here to access the online form.

Why is it needed now

The fast-changing world of work needs people with right skills and knowledge and reaping the benefits of demographic divided needs a collaborative efforts from all stakeholders in Education, Skills and Employment space.

The daunting task of making youth employable or re-skilling existing employees, recognising the knowledge, skills and experience they acquired informally is at the heart of the matter. And, teaching and learning is not confined to classroom, it has long moved out of the four walls and become a continuous lifelong engagement through latest technologies, broadly encompassing developing teaching materials, designing courses and assessments.

Hence, one need not be a qualified vocational trainer or a formally trained professional to teach someone. The experience gained over the years coupled with a belief in continuous learning can help you contribute to various skill development initiatives as subject matter experts and consultants in areas such as:

Trainer and Master Trainer (technical)

Designing and delivering training in employability skills

Designing courses and creating industry-relevant course content

Conducting practical training, assessments

Sharing subject matter expertise in designing online courses

Guiding and mentoring students for better careers

Other roles

Through Teach-a-Skill, we plan to create a repository of interested people and share the information with relevant organizations in the skills and vocational space.

Disclaimer : Teach-a-Skill is only a medium for connecting volunteers, part-timers and skills enthusiasts who wish to contribute to skill development initiatives. It does not assure any formal engagement, assignment or job.


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