The Need for Skilled Personnel in Hospitals: Initiatives from IL&FS Health Academy


“Customer is king,” an adage commonly heard, and by which many would swear. However, the implementation is easier said than done. Customer satisfaction is not guaranteed pronto; it comes with finesse and dexterity. The domain of dealing with customers is something that requires extensive training and experience, especially in ‘sensitive’ institutions like hospitals, where emotions and sensibilities are mostly high-strung owing to different kinds of pressures.

Commonly, walking into a hospital brings a sense of doom, accompanied by anxiety and fear. This coupled with rumors heard by way of word-of-mouth or social media, or media, or whatever else communication tool, alleviates the tension manifold. Hence, personnel deputed at each stage of the hospital, have to not only be well versed with their areas of responsibilities, but also umbrella rules and regulations that needed to be abided with. The execution of their responsibilities, within the parameters of established decorum, lies heavily on inter-personal skills, and the ability to deal with unaccounted-for, and unexpected pressures that crop-up as challenges present themselves at each step.

Some areas are more vulnerable for e.g. billing sections that can be susceptible to volatile reactions. This section, as a case in point, would need to engage personnel that not only bring with them the professional attributes, but also personal traits such as patience, understanding, diplomacy and tolerance. Similarly, a front office executive would need to be equipped with training in the following areas: human anatomy, medical language, first aid and CPR, medico legal aspects of hospital operations, and TPA policies and claims.

The Need for Skilled Personnel in Hospitals: Initiatives from IL&FS Health Academy

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To meet training requirements of personnel, which require not only specialization but also updation and several skilling institutes have taken fort.

For example, IL&FS Health Academy commenced a 5-month course in the month of February this year that comprises of 3.5 months of theory and 1.5 months of internship in top corporate hospitals. The eligibility required is 10 + 2, with preference given to graduates. The key highlights of the course include ICD coding systems, basic life support and English-speaking classes, in addition. Of course, this is just one example for specific training required for personnel in a particular domain of work.

Having said the above, it would be important to add that in this time and age, the preparedness for crisis situations, especially in sensitive fields such as in medicine, is paramount. Having said this, it is also our duty as citizenry to not only be aware of our rights, but also of our duties, not only in personal domains, but also public arenas. So, the next time one visits a hospital, it is important to address the person handling one’s query with the respect due to any human being, irrespective of the turmoil one is facing at that point in time. Easier said than done? But definitely worth the try.

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Author: Dr. Kritika Nanda, Lead – Healthcare IL&FS Skills

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