This Teacher’s Day, let’s celebrate by appreciating the vocational trainers


Vocational trainers are skill champions as they impart skills and knowledge and leave a lasting positive impact on their trainees’ lives. Vocational training is a combination of multiple skills – teaching, coaching, mentoring and counseling – depending on the course requirements and the needs of the learners.

This Teachers’ Day, join us in appreciating the trainers by appreciating their contribution to the evolving skills ecosystem in India. NSN would like to feature stories of trainers in their own words and a message from the trainees for their trainers.

How trainers can participate: We invite trainers to send video messages about why “I love being a trainer”

How trainees can participate: We invite trainees to share a selfie with the trainer to say “Thank you trainer” with a short message

This Teacher's Day, let's celebrate our vocational trainers

More details about how you can participate:

1. Share short videos of trainers of about 2 to 3 minutes, wherein you talk about why you like the profession, what is the skill you impart, their industry experience and the challenges and opportunities in vocational training
2. Your trainees can take a selfie (photo) with the trainer and share a short message about what they learnt and how the trainer has created a positive impact in their lives.

Duration of video 2 to 3 minutes (maximum)

Number of Trainer videos per organization (maximum 5)

Last date to send the videos: 3rd September 2019

To send the video files user We transfer and send it to

Language: English or Hindi or Regional Language

Selfie pictures should be sent to


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