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In December 2011, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) set up the School of Vocational Education (SVE) to provide immediate and definite interventions to improve the skill levels of millions of youth, through appropriate vocational training programmes. The target beneficiaries would include organized and unorganized workforce across industries and aims to cover every individual who needs to develop employable skills. TISS along with its several training partners has provided training in various fields to a lot of youth and made them confident, independent and earn respectable incomes to support themselves and their families. We will see the success stories of a few women below who have completed their vocational courses and made a mark and are moving ahead in their careers.

Apar India is one training partner who has helped Mahima and Meenu make a great start to their careers at the young age of 18.

Mahima Jain, LIC Agent

TISS_TE_MAHIMA“Thanks to Apar India, my teachers, the ever helpful staff of Apar India, the Director Mr. Apar Jain and the Chairman Mr. R. K. Jain for making my dreams of being financially independent come true.

My name is Mahima Jain and I am pursuing B.Voc BFSI from Apar India, Training partner of Tata Institute of Social Sciences SVE.

After I completed my 12th standard and secured 55% marks, I was confused and wondered what to do next, when I chanced upon the course of B.Voc BFSI that was being offered by Apar India in association with Tata Institute of Social Sciences-SVE while surfing the Internet.

I visited Apar India and was told about the unique concept of Work Integrated Training Program, which would ensure that I “Earn While I Learn”. I found the concept very unique and my parents and I felt that I should give it a try. Though I was not sure how it would turn out.

Anyways, with these apprehensions I started my course, and within a few months my parents and friends noticed changes in me. These changes were the result of the communication skills and personality development classes that were being conducted on a regular basis by Apar India to improve our employability.

At the same time, Apar organized a Vocational Training Workshop of LIC which was conducted by Mr. Sanjay Bidani, Sr. Development Officer. During the session, he highlighted the fact that once we decide to make a career in LIC, the sky is the limit, as far as the amount of money that could be earned is concerned. I liked the idea that I could decide my work timings and also the amount I wish to earn per month.

I joined the training course conducted by Mr. Sanjay Bidani organized by Apar India. Though I found it difficult initially to complete the tasks given to me, slowly I started to get a hang of it. I decided to appear for the examination conducted by LIC for being a Financial Advisor and cleared the same in the first go. Afterwards, my happiness knew no boundary when I came to know that I was going to get an award for being the Star Performer by LIC as I had managed to get 4 policies in the very first month of my work as Financial Advisor. I have already recived my first cheque for the commission that I have earned in my first month.

Today, my family members and relatives are very proud of me and I feel elated that my career has already kick-started and I have already started earning while my classmates are still studying in colleges.”

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