Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) opens a world of opportunities for youth in India


Embarking on unfamiliar territory can be a daunting experience; learning a foreign language is just the same way, but there is an important upside; one amongst many: venturing into a world offering a gamut of new perspectives and opportunities. Any better way to broaden one’s horizon, especially in the professional domain? – Perhaps, not.

Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) is one such initiative by IL&FS Skills that provides a platform for aspirants to acquire industrial skills as interns, in a foreign land, for a period ranging anywhere between three years to a maximum of five years. The curriculum includes training in Japanese language and culture, besides sector-specific training, as per industry requirements in Japan, for a period of six months. Candidates need to have an experience of at least one year in their domain to associate with this programme. The curriculum is being implemented by IL&FS Skills, one of the leading Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) providers in India, empanelled as a sending organization.

TITP world of opportunities

The first batch of TITP, at IL&FS Skills, commenced in the month of October, last year. They are being trained in Japanese Language and Cultural aspects for the job role of automobile repair, welding, machinery and metals.

Jaspal Singh, TITP, IL&FS Skills

Jaspal Singh, TITP, IL&FS Skills

Says Jaspal Singh, a mechanical engineer from Punjab, who has a work experience of 4 years as a CNC Machine Operator; “Just in a span of 3 months, I feel confident about my Japanese language skills; though I am still trying to understand the nuances of the Japanese culture, I really look forward to learning more in the field of technology, especially since Japan is really advanced in this sector.”

Gagan Kumar Pal, TITP, IL&FS Skills

Gagan Kumar Pal, TITP, IL&FS Skills

The youngest in the batch, Gagan Kumar Pal, aged 21, is a high school graduate from Punjab, who has a work experience as an assistant electrician for a year. He agrees too that the opportunity is a knock on a door that leads to number of opportunities in the professional domain; he also adds that he will not leave any stone unturned in doing what it takes to achieve this goal.

Siddharth Chettri, TITP, IL&FS Skills

Siddharth Chettri, TITP, IL&FS Skills

Siddharth Chettri, the eldest in the group, is from Himachal Pradesh, and has worked as a Technical Executive in P&G for the past 8 years. He wishes to up his game by embarking on an international journey of learning and experiencing a different culture and work ethics.


Likhamaram TITP IL&FS Skills

Likhamaram, TITP IL&FS Skills

His batch-mate, Likhmaram, is a high school graduate from Rajasthan with an experience of 2 years as a machine operator. He is no different from his counterparts and certainly has a lot of expectations from the programme, and like others wants to return to his nation with knowledge acquired through the training programme.

TITP promotes skill development not only for employment but also to empower youth for greater social mobility and economic advancements.

For more information about TITP contact from IL&FS Skills


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