Training of Trainers program from AASSC strengthens the training ecosystem for Aviation sector in partnership with DFID , UK and Semta


Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC), in collaboration with DFID, UK and Semta conducted a Training of Trainers (ToT) program focusing on platform skills to be a good trainer in the Aviation sector. This was the third program of its kind conducted in association with DFID, UK and Semta. 20 participants took part in the 5-day programme held from 11th Feb to 15th Feb 2019 at HAL, TTI campus, Bengaluru. We caught up with the participants and the organizers to learn about their background, experience, perceptions and interest in skilling the youth in this sector. Here’s what the trainers and the ecosystem enablers have to say about the industry and the current training programs while the ToT was in progress:

ToT from AASSC in aviation sector

Importance of ToT in Aviation sector and how the collaboration works

Peter Immanuel CEO AASSCAASSC has developed Aerospace and Aviation Skill Framework. This is unique and among the first of its kind in the world. Companies and training partners have rolled out skill programs across the country and many more are in the pipeline. Crucial to such large scale initiative is the availability of quality trainers with adequate domain expertise. Such ToT programs are aimed at achieving this aim and structurally strengthening skill development ecosystem. D. Peter Immanuel, CEO, AASSC


“Based on a survey by KPMG, the UK Government has identified Aerospace and Aviation as one of the Wg Cdr Rajendranprime areas of focus in India. Following this, DFID UK and AASSC have had many engagements to improve the skills of trainers in India. Semta came on board through DFID and they have provided master trainers from Dudley College, UK.

This is the third ToT program and it includes participants from all the sub-sectors like design and development, manufacturing and assembly, airport operations and MRO.  This ToT  is for generic or pedagogic skills because we expect the trainers to be the domain experts in their own fields. We also intend to conduct Training of Assessors and we are working closely with PwC on this.”  –G. Rajendran, Manager – Training, AASSC

Chetan S (1)“The ToT is centered around the Trainer Qualification Pack, to better equip the trainer or understand how to be a trainer. This QP was developed by NSDC in association with MEPSC. On the fifth day, they will take an assessment. “ – Chetan. S, Manager  – Standards and Certification, AASSC

Meet the Master Trainers who facilitated the ToT in generic, pedagogic skills

Linden Wale“ My background is in computer training and I believe in making learning enjoyable through immersive techniques. In this ToT program, we’ve incorporated  learner engagement sessions to equip the trainers with skills that can create an immersive learning experience. Since, the aviation industry is growing in India, the trainer’s role becomes very critical in making learning effective. In fact, this applies to any industry. Learning should happen and we need to create favourable environment. Learners are generally open-minded. They are very keen and positive to learn new skills.” – Linden Wale, Dudley College, UK

Craig EdwardsGoing by the general perception, education system is more teacher-centred. Learners listen to the teacher and remain passive. The involvement of the learners is limited. Rather than giving all the knowledge, we need to facilitate the learning process where the learners are completely engaged. Skill development should start at an early age. For example, in sports, you need coordination and it can be better acquired at an early age. When you become older, certain skills become harder to acquire. Learners should be encouraged from a very early age.” – Craig Edwards, Dudley College, UK

Meet the participants and ecosystem enablers whose enthusiasm was difficult to capture in words

Rishi Khandelwal“MRO sector is booming in India. At present,  maximum maintenance is being done by foreign companies. We will see many new MROs from India. This is a critical area in Aviation.  Since every aircraft needs scheduled maintenance, it has to be monitored and often some parts will be replaced. The training programs in this area are certified by DGCA and most institutes train post -12th class students on the basis of an exam. The students also undergo special training for a particular aircraft and OJT is also conducted.” – Rishi Khandelwal – SimmSamm Airways Pvt. Ltd.

Saurabh Mohadare“I have a background in Maintenance and this ToT has helped me in learning pedagogic skills. Aircraft maintenance engineers should know that there are 19 different sectors they can work in the aviation and aerospace industry. Aeromate was developed to give an idea about these opportunities and bridge the gap between industry expectations and the reality. Aeromate is a digital ecosystem for aerospace, manufacturing, tech service and maintenance. It is a job portal designed for aerospace and aviation industry, like an LMIS. It has a Knowledge Hub which provides generic and specific needs in maintenance. We plan to conduct training in future.” – Saurabh Mohadare – Aeromate

Dinesha A G“Mahindra has a plant at Narsapur near Kolar. Since the past 2 years, we are into production of metal and parts and assemblies. We have customers like Airbus and Boeing.  We have complete manufacturing facility at our premises. I have been into manufacturing designing and training for the last 18 years .Training can be categorised into two, one is Engineers and the other is the Technicians. We don’t have any specific course in ITI for Aerospace. Once they join, they go through our training modules and then OJT. I manage the training coordination and many others are involved in training. We take support from Mahindra and Mahindra and Mahindra Institute of Quality.” – Dinesha AG – Mahindra Aero Structures Pvt. Ltd.

Pushkharaj“I have a background in Mechanical Engineering.  SkillSonics is into technical training. We adapt the Swiss model to vocational training. Currently, we are associated with ITI in Pune in training the students in many skills and make them multi-skilled. This ToT will help in content development since we customize Swiss training to suit requirements in India.” – P. Chandrakant Potawale, SkillSonics India Pvt. Ltd.

“I am here to learn more about the training opportunities in the Aviation sector. At present, we train the students in Airlines Customer Service, related to hospitality management and related areas. I would like to know if we can train others with this ToT certification from AASSC.” – Shaik Madina,  Graphx IT solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ramanjaneya“I take care of Engineering and Academic services .I am the specialist analyst.  I analyse the design, give feedback before the manufacturing starts. This training is useful for the basic level.We train the candidates in ground staff, customer service, ticketing, guest relations, front desk, baggage handling. Depending on the calibre, they get placed in many airlines. So far, 350 out of 500 have got placed. This ToT is sure to help me in improving our training delivery.” – Ramanjaneya T, P3 Academy

Suparna Chatterjee“The trainings which are conducted as part of NSDC’s program are very much learner-centric. As trainers,we also learn new techniques that could be integrated into the curriculum. Normally, engaging young learners is a challenge, this is where the ToT is useful. With the use of diverse activities and audio-visual equipments, we are able to deliver the program efficiently.During our training,we encourage students to do their best.There is a lot of satisfaction,when the students become really passionate and motivated.” – Suparna Chatterjee, Global Aviation Academy

Shrutika Lokhande“With a flying experience of 8 years, I am into training for the past 1 year. Having a strong background in the aviation sector, I always wanted to contribute more to this sector. Training helps me to share the knowledge and experience we have gained over years. Also, the knowledge acquired during the program will be useful for the students in a great way. It will help them in real-life situations as well. I am happy to be participating in this ToT.” Shrutika Lokhande – Airqueen Institute of Airhostess Training

Antony S“Having 5 years of experience in the aviation industry, I would say the industry demands people with high level of efficiency. We train students to face all the challenges associated with the industry.Training helps students to understand the importance of ensuring the safety and security of the passengers.We make them 100% efficient and motivated to do their jobs best. ToT plays an important role in making us better trainers.” – Antony S PTC Aviation Academy

Bhagyashree Aramane“Training develops the personality of the students in a large manner. Having 15 years of experience in the sector, I could see the transformation in students after the completion of programs. It is always satisfying to know that our experience and knowledge can be shared in a different way. Through ToT, we can upgrade our knowledge and skill to train better.” – Bhagyashree Aramane – Global Aviation Academy 

Tino Tomy“I have been in the hospitality sector for 7 years and social sector for 3 years. Training helps students to gain knowledge regarding the career path and goals.Skilling and training sector opens a wide range of opportunities. When I see the transformation of students after the training, I feel satisfied. I am happy to be at the ToT program.” – Tino Tomy –  Terra Orient Skills Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Bhargava Ramana“Teaching and learning are dynamic in nature. It is essential to maintain this nature throughout the learning period. Adhering to traditional methods alone won’t work in today’s world. I have learned in the way my father or grandfather had learned. This traditional learning method has to be changed. We are able to find some new learning methods which can be integrated into our training methods through the ToT program.” – RV Bhargava Ramana – Maruthsakha Aerospace & Aviation

Dinesh R“I did BE in Aeronautical Engineering from Anna University. I am working in Aerochamp in Mumbai. Also, I am running an NGO in Coimbatore. In Aerochamp, we assemble interior parts and paint outer areas of the aircraft. There are 10 people in our training program. All are engineers. I am still new to this organization and the ToT has prepared me to appreciate generic skills in training delivery” – R Dinesh,  Aerochamp

Shridhar CV“IAMPL is a joint venture of HAL an Rolls Royce. They are into manufacturing. I deliver training on the product quality.  The basics have to be taught carefully since we can’t compromise with quality. I have done my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. I have been into training for 2 years. I have 9 years of experience in Aerospace manufacturing sector. Initially, I took up training out of some need. But, later I became so interested in the job.” – Shridhar C V  – Rolls Royce (IAMPL)

Cdr. Anand Naamdhar“I am a career development facilitator with varied experience in the Indian Navy and the corporate sector. During my career in the Indian Navy I was handling helicopters. I was also associated with NSDC for a while and then joined a German company. Looking back at my 18 years of experience in aviation, I feel, we need to take many steps to match the demand for skilled workforce. During my career in the Indian Navy I was handing helicopters. Aerospace & Aviation Sector Skill Council is doing a great work. They have standardized the QPs. Amalgamation of DFID and NSDC program is good.” – Cdr Anand Naamdhar – Terra Orient Skills Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Our conversations with the organizers and participants show tremendous scope for training in the Aviation sector in terms of effective design and delivery that has a direct impact on productivity and quality.  Many participants were interested and curious to know more about the emerging job roles and how they can associate with AASSC in many more ways. The ToT program concluded on 15th February 2019 with a guest talk by Mr.Dominic McAllister, British Deputy High Commissioner, Bengaluru.

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