Preparing for a career in Beauty and Apparel: Meet the trainees from LabourNet Center


As against the traditional notion, where drop-outs or financially unstable students will only opt tailoring course, there are so many aspiring tailoring professionals who want to develop their stitching skills. It is out of their passion and love towards the profession, that they join these courses. The aspiration of these students clearly depicts the transformation in the employment perspectives of the society. That is why, more and more graduates and working professionals are shifting their careers and joining these courses to develop their skills.


Merryl Apparel trainee LabourNet“I am from Hosur. I have joined this course two months back. I am interested in tailoring. Tailoring helps me to make clothes for myself and my kids. I have so far created different clothes and I feel satisfied whenever my work is complete. My kids are also happy with the clothes that I create. I think the tailoring course has enabled me to stitch in a better way.”

lalitha LabourNet trainee“I used to hate tailoring. However, many of my friends and relatives who have joined the tailoring course have motivated me to take up the course. I was so inspired by the way they stitch clothes. As such, I have joined the course. Now, I feel happy to learn stitching.”


Sukanya trainee LabourNetSukanya : “I am from Tirupati. Tailoring has always interested me. But, I didn’t get time to learn it. Now, I want to learn it as I have time. My kids are in school now. So, when they go to school, I can learn tailoring. After I learn it, I want to stitch many clothes for my kids.”

Gayatri: “I was working as a staff nurse. However, I could not continue the job because I have to look after my kid. Since, I was always interested in tailoring; I thought I can learn tailoring. So, I have joined the course. This will help me to develop my skills and I will be able to earn.”

Jaya Priya LabourNet trainee“I have seen people who have completed this course and are stitching their own blouses. If we have to get our blouses stitched its expensive. Earlier, I was not sure about learning tailoring. However, I wanted to save some money. So, I came forward to learn tailoring.”


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