An interview with the automotive trainers at Youth Empowerment at SKF (YES)


We caught up with the trainers and the center manager at Youth Empowerment at SKF (YES) center*, Hosur. A conversation with the trainers brought to the limelight many interesting facts about vocational training, and most importantly, why they had chosen to become trainers. Let’s read on..

Challenges in attracting young people to training

“There are so many challenges in attracting young people. Even though majority of students who attend these trainings are either drop-outs or people from financially weaker sections, there are many students who join it out of their passion. Since, some of the job roles they get after the course is not that aspirational, it is a bit difficult to attract youth.

However, the skill training provided is practical-oriented. Students are able to learn and acquire new skills. For those students, who quit various educational programmes due to the theory-based courses are more interested in this course as it gives them an opportunity to learn things in a practical manner. At present, young people from Karnataka joins the program. Most of the students are earning around Rs.12000/month after the completion of the program. This is a bit motivational for other aspiring people. So, even if there are challenges, certain factors like practical-oriented training, skill development and salary makes the course attractive to students.”  Viswanath K – Trainer

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The team: Viswanath K, Raja R, Giridhar U M, Rohit S D, Prashant A C

Raja R, Centre Manager,Youth Empowerment at SKF (YES)

Raja has a very good understanding in community relations. His previous experience as a Master Trainer in Electrical Wiring helps him to deliver the training programmes successfully. He is an efficient person who is capable of motivating and engaging students.

Viswanath K

Having worked in Fiat as Service Manager, Viswanath has 26 years of experience in the automobile industry. He is very passionate about grooming young people and wants to share his corporate experience and knowledge with students.

Giridhar U M

Giridhar always wanted to train people. He had worked as a Service Engineer before joining into the training sector. He is an enthusiastic person who believes in the power of knowledge-sharing and skill enhancement.

Rohit S D

Rohit always wanted to train young people on the practical aspects. He delivers training programmes in a unique way and is passionate about integrating new training methods.

 Prashant A C

Prashant wants to enhance the skills of young people through his knowledge in the automobile sector. He wants to deliver training programmes in innovative ways and integrates all new methods to enhance the curriculum.

Course Curriculum

“Across the centres, the trainers are following the MES curriculum. However, they make it customized to suit the needs of the programmes. The curriculum has 70% practical training and 30% theory. Monthly tests are conducted internally to assess the students and after 6 months, they will have an external final examination.

Since, MES curriculum has become outdated; SKF intends to take up QP aligned courses. This will help them in delivering updated training methodologies to students.” Giridhar U M – Trainer

Infrastructure facilities and use of technology

“SKF integrates technology in their training programmes to make students understand the real-life scenario. Videos are used prior to trainings to give a glimpse of the processes to be followed. Many audio-visual materials are used to enhance the knowledge of students. The trainers are so passionate in helping students understand the processes through. One of the trainers promotes practical training videos through his YouTube channel so that any student can access it freely and learn from it.

Also, the centre has a very good infrastructure. They have physical cut sections of all parts for two-wheelers and four-wheelers. This aids the students’ understanding of real-time problems. It is an innovative model that is being offered by the centre.”  Giridhar U M – Trainer

Soft skills Training in the automotive sector

“Be it any field, Soft-skills training is an integral part of the training program. In automobile sector, customer servicing is very important. To cope up with industry demands, there is a component in the course for the soft-skills development of students. External trainers will come on a weekly basis to provide soft-skills training to students.”

Student’s response to the programme

“Most of the students have worked before and have worked with garage automobile sector. So, most of them blend into the training program. However, even if they have a previous experience, only 20% -30 % will be useful. So, the trainers will groom and mould all students throughout the 6 months course.

Mostly, financial condition is one of the reasons for students to become drop-outs and join various courses. However, there are students who are from well-to-do families. They discontinued their study due to their aversion towards theory-only courses. As these trainings provide an opportunity to learn through practical ways, students are very much interested. They are able to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge through hands-on training.” Giridhar U M – Trainer

Entrepreneurship promotion

“The training focuses on promoting entrepreneurship among aspiring students. As such, they are provided with monthly entrepreneurship training. This is aimed at those who want to set up their own centres after the course. The centre also conducts a rigorous 1 week entrepreneurship program that covers all the aspects of starting a business. Students are given a start-up kit along with the certificate. For those who are interested to go into an advanced level program, additional training is provided.

In Advanced-level programs, students are able to learn more about starting a business. In this, students will work for 1 year in a company. This will help them to understand the ground reality of their business area. After 1 year, they can start their business where the centre will extend support through mentoring, FLDG schemes etc.”  Prashant A C

*YES center is run in collaboration with Sambhav Foundation.

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