Vidyadaan: A path-breaking initiative to revolutionize skill development in Media and Entertainment industry


Vidyadaan, a path breaking initiative by Media and Entertainment Sector Skill Council (MESC), is one of its kind educational portals. With an aim to act as a platform for both trainers and students as Guru and Shishya, the portal was launched by MESC through a webinar on 5th September 2019.  The launch was a grand success under the strong leadership of the honourable chairman of MESC, Mr. Subhas Ghai; an eminent film maker and educationist.

Whether you are an Industry expert or an aspiring student eager to gain knowledge or a training provider, there is scope for each one of you under this glorious platform. With an uplifted motivational level, you will also acquire immense benefit through this portal such as:

  • Workshops by industry expert
  • Hands-on training by professional
  • Paying particular attention to the skilling needs of ST/SC, differently-abled and minority groups.
  • Getting skilled at free of cost
  • Ensuring that the people trained and skilled in accordance with the norms laid down are assured of employment at decent wages.

With three different types of participants, Vidyadaan is all set to revive the entire skilling algorithm in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry.  You can participate as a Guru (industry expert), a Shishya (students) or as a Gurukul if you have a training organization.

Be a Guru and share your precious knowledge with those who are in need. If you are a professional you can also create a pool of experts and guide them under your mentorship. To be a Guru you can register at the portal at

Vidyadaan -A path-breaking initiative to revolutionize skill development in Media and Entertainment industryThe knowledge of a mentor shines only when there is a student to grab the essence of that. If you are a keen learner and aspiring to build a career in the Media and Entertainment industry, then you can register yourself as a Shishya at the portal at: You will get huge employment opportunities during the job fairs organised by MESC.

It is rightly said that Gurkul is no less than a heaven where a layman becomes and industry expert under the knowledgeable guidance of mentors. Whether you are a school or an institution, you may enrol yourself and offer your infrastructure to be used as Gurukuls. As per your convenience, you may offer your entire infrastructure or just a section of it. You can enrol yourself at the portal at: registration.php.

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You may also volunteer your time and skills at Vidyadaan. You may offer professional support and dedicate some time to educate the students. You may offer professional or technical support to further enhance the Vidyadaan portal.

Through the portal, knowledge based on Industry experts would be training people through Webinars, Video Tutorials and also Physical Training Sessions in Gurukuls. Vidyadaan sessions will be archived which will hold video training sessions of all training from past as well as videos from eminent speakers of the industry from across the world. For any more information or to know your nearest Gurukul, you can visit their official page,

Vidyadaan is here to revolutionize the entire skill development ecosystem of the M&E industry. And, if M&E industry is what excites you, then Vidyadaan is the right platform for you to invest your time in. You should most definitely start exploring the platform today to get the best possible benefit out of it.

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