Vidyadaan: A unique initiative by Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) launched through a webinar


Vidyadaan, a one of its kind initiative by Media & Entertainment Skills Council was launched through a webinar on the 5th of September, 2019. The launch event of the Vidyadaan webinar was graced by Shri. Subhash Ghai, Chairman, Media & Entertainment Skills Council.

The event was virtually attended by thousands of viewers from across the country. They saw Mr. Ghai talking about the importance of knowledge sharing and the relationship between a teacher and a student. He states, “One can learn anything in life if they understand themselves as I believe that self-education is bigger than formal education. For everyone, it is really important to discover themselves and learn the art of living.  A teacher’s duty is to help the students attain good grades in academics but a Guru encourages and guides their students throughout their lives. Through Vidyadaan we would like to invite all the domains experts, not necessarily professional teachers to take part in this initiative and become Gurus to guide the students.” 

Vidyadaan MESC webinar

Vidyadaan will act as a platform for both trainers and students as Guru and Shishya

Vidyadaan will act as a platform for both trainers and students to interact and learn efficiently. You can sign up today as a Guru or Shishya at and become a part of this public and social movement to share your divine knowledge or master the art of living. You can also visit for regular updates and information.

Vidyadaan aims to bring out a Guru in every one

Subhash Ghai Chairman MESCVidyadaan was initiated by Mr. Subhash Ghai along with Media & Entertainment Skills Council. It aims to bring out a Guru in every one who can lead the way to create a polished era of skilled and self-reliant youth. A generation polished with inner strength, knowledge, self-confidence yet unpretentious. So every Shishya now can be a Guru in future and lead the upcoming generations. It also hopes to provide knowledge of every kind to the shishya and creating a generation of experts. Not just in academics but every field of life; by sharing life changing experiences, spreading motivation across and passing on positivity to every individual. 

Mr. Ghai has been a strong supporter of the Skill India Mission which is an initiative under the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India.


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