Vocation in Vacation Contest 2019 – Paintings and Sketches


We received thoughtful and creative entries from students in the form of sketches and paintings about the skilled people they met in shopping malls, super markets, construction sites, beauty parlours, restaurants and many other places. With Vocation in Vacation Contest 2019, we managed to engage the students in learning about dignity of work and importance of skills in a fun way. Here we are with the winners in this category and other commendable entries.

View shortlisted paintings in the video below

List of winners – Paintings and Sketches

Vijil Vinod, Sreesarga Sunilkumar, Vismaya Johny, Akash V M ASAP SDC Team Manathana, Kerala
Tanvi Kadam Amar Kor Vidyalaya, Mumbai
R.Raju APMS Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Sakshi Gupta GGSSS Ashok Nagar, Delhi
Pooja Ram Pise Baburaji Gholap HSS, Pune
Annu, Riya, Nidhi, Bhoomi Gauri Sarvodaya Co-ed Vidyalaya Mehram Nagar, Delhi

Vocation in Vacation Contest 2019 paintings and sketchesOne of the outstanding entries is from ASAP SDC Team Manathana, Kerala comprising, Vijil Vinod, Sreesarga Sunilkumar, Vismaya Johny, Akash V M. They have created an insightful story with their sketches and paintings.

Vijil Vinod: A Skilled Walk through the History

Vijil Vinod - SDC GHSS Manathana ASAPDescription: A skill which came into existence even before the word skilling came into existence, is pottery making. Pottery making must be one of the earliest skill that was used as a profession by the ancient people. Even though this profession dont have that much impact in our modern society, some of the rural villages still have pottery making unit where the people work in harmony just like the good old days.

Sreesarga Sunilkumar: Close to Nature

Sreesarga Sunilkumar-SDC GHSS Manathana ASAPDescription: Pottery making one of the extinct skill must be one of the very few skills where humans make direct contact with nature for creating something useful for them. Yes, we are exploiting it, but i am pretty sure that even nature loves pottery making as much as humans. The mud and our hands should gel together to form the finest pot and lets revive those emotions of nature and human through this painting.

Vismaya Johny: Revolution Started

Vismaya SDC GHSS Manathana ASAPDescription: Invention of iron was pioneer for the Industrial revolution and the conversion of iron into anything and everything we wanted led to the invention of all the things that we see around us today. So the blacksmiths can be regarded as the godfathers of Industrial revolution

Akash V M: Pause the Present

Akash SDC GHSS Manathana ASAPDescription: No matter what we can never recreate a same thing that happened in the past in the exact same way it happened earlier. The skill with which we can capture the moment is simple called as Photography. Its simply is not a click on the camera. You are just pausing the present for us to watch in the future which will then be a past moment.


Pooja Pise

Pooja Pise

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