Vocational degree: The non-traditional option in Higher Education


Adulthood, the journey that individuals take from being dependent to becoming independent has become more intricate than ever. From pursuing graduation to seeking work opportunities, combined with increased cost of education, the path towards independence has become more prolonged.

Global economic recovery may have gathered momentum, but youth employment continues to remain a plight for many. One of the reasons being, intensified competitions among industries and firms where they constantly try to improve the efficiency of their products and services. Employers therefore hire fewer but more skilled workers. Additionally, the technology is changing the entire gamut of business practices around the world which requires workers to have more cognitive skills than ever.

As a result, demand for higher level of skills where the employees can engage in innovation, boost the quality of services and products and increase the effectiveness of productivity has escalated. The course of bachelor’s in vocational education was designed keeping in mind the mercurial business world around us.

IL&FS Vocational Degree for Higher EducationConsciously adopted according to industry patterns, the industry integrated programme, Bachelor of Vocational Degree (B.Voc), was designed to equip candidates with requisite skill set and meet the business requirements. Once these needs were met, it became easier for candidates to get absorbed in the industry. Three years spent on training the chosen vocation subject, imparts practical expertise which inculcates confidence in the candidates, before the candidate steps out in the professional world, subsequently, elevating his career prospects. Simultaneously, employers don’t have to spend much for their new hire, thereby boosting productivity in the work-place.

Vocational Courses for hospitality and automobile sectors are offered at IL&FS Skills in partnership with six universities:

  1. Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai,
  2. Kumaun University, Uttarakhand
  3. Swami Rama Himalayan University, Uttarakhand
  4. Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu
  5. Ganpat University, Gujarat
  6. Rajasthan ILD Skills University, Rajasthan.

Ever since it’s commencement in the year 2015, 200+ candidates have been enrolled and more than 40 candidates are now working in their corresponding industries with a package of more than 1.5 lakhs. Rest are respectively undergoing their studies across different semesters.

The course offers a blended training methodology comprising theory sessions and hands-on practical training in industry simulated labs for creating a real-life work experience. This in turn, helps candidates in familiarizing themselves with the future work place. Selection tests is conducted at the primary stage for aspirants, where their career journey is defined. Additionally, candidates get an opportunity to earn while they learn through 20-24 months of paid on-the-job training with leading companies.

The distinctive characteristic of this curriculum is formulated and adapted by industry experts giving it the practical dimensions of the industry. The best part about this course is that it gives exposure which increases that chances of candidates in landing a job. Keeping the current times in mind, it is clearly evident, that lack of such work experience is the main deterrent for the youth in acquiring employment.

Author: Mohini Singhal

For more information please write to Mohini at mohini.singhal@ilfsindia.com

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