Fronius India prepares youth for Industry 4.0 in welding


Imagine a situation where we could operate machines and other manufacturing equipment with an app and without being physically present. With lockdown, social distancing, and other preventive measures, many Industries, and manufacturing units are now shut. The manufacturing would not have stopped completely if the units adopted the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics and Automation, and other tools and technologies of Industry 4.0. Because, these technological advancements enable people to operate machines and continue most of the manufacturing process through an app, without being physically present at the Unit.

Keeping this in mind, Fronius India has been trying to bring the Industry and Academia together. From being one of the front runners in manufacturing and supplying welding technologies, machines, and solutions to all segments globally and in India for decades, this time Fronius India has gone way ahead to skill, train and share knowledge to all the budding welding aspirants. With close to 1000 participants for the webinar on Robotic Welding Systems and Industry 4.0, Fronius India created a record of the highest number of participants.

Fronius India prepares youth for Industry 4.0 WeldingWebinar on Robotic Welding Systems and Industry 4.0

Many Indian youth today would aspire to become a robot programmer or a drone operator than to be a welder. To address this very notion and to make welding fascinating and aspirational, Fronius India made the best use of the National Welding Month – April, in conducting several webinars to create awareness. Of course, a student can become a robot programmer. A student can become a specialist in Robotic welding.

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The webinar was specifically designed for aspiring technical students from various technical universities and Engineering colleges. The webinars are conducted zone wise – North, South, East, and West. The invite for the webinar was sent to many Engineering, Diploma, and ITI students from various parts of the country to inspire the youth to take up welding as a career option. The webinar focused on the Industry demands and requirements in Robotics and Industry 4.0 with respect to welding.

Webinars like Robotic Welding Systems and Industry 4.0, helps in bridging the gap between academia and Industry. Students who attend these webinars will know and understand the trends in the industry, and know-how automated and smart is welding becoming with the coming of Industry 4.0.

It is not very long that Industries and manufacturing units will shift to automation. There will be a new normal in place, new safety and hygiene measures to look into. Students and educational institutions should prepare themselves for these changes. Youth must skill and equip themselves with the latest technology and trends to keep up with the industry requirements. Welding across the sectors will be upgraded and the Industry will need the workforce that is skilled enough to work on these technologies. Webinars like this will help in addressing such issues and in making welding aspirational.

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