TalentSprint launches #WhatIndustryWants


We need great awareness about how academic institutions need to interface the industry to address issues in skill gaps and job roles that are getting created. In fact, employability of many graduates rests on how well-prepared they are to meet the industry needs when they join the workforce, particularly in the IT industry. TalentSprint in association with The Hindu recently conducted an interactive seminar on #WhatIndustryWants.

The seminar series is aimed at helping IT career aspirants understand the expectations from Industry Experts through a monthly interactive seminar. #WhatIndustryWants is an avenue for the students to hear from IT industry experts on industry expectations, emerging technologies and trends. This industry speaker series aims to bridge the divide between expectations of the industry and the skills of future professionals.

What industry wantsThe first seminar of this series was held recently. It was addressed by Mr. Narsimha Rao Mannepalli, Executive Vice President and Head of the Cloud & Infrastructure Solutions Service Line and Validation Solutions Service Line at Infosys. The event was well attended by over 200 IT career aspirants and representatives of over 20 engineering colleges.

According to K. Sridhar, Chief Digital Officer, TalentSprint, “It has become more important than ever for career aspirants to understand what the IT industry wants and gear themselves up for it. Our #WhatIndustryWants initiative aims at providing a platform where experts share emerging industry trends for the benefit of the IT career aspirants.”

Every year 1.5 to 1.7 million engineering graduates dream of being a part of the IT workforce and IT industry. With no guidance from the industry they have a very slim chance of success. Studies reveal that only 20% to 25% of graduates are employable and the rest need professional guidance and skill intervention to become successful.

At the seminar, Mr. Narsimha Rao Mannepalli shared that, “There is a lot of talk about the current IT slowdown and job cuts. One of the many reasons driving this change is automation. The current mundane, repetitive jobs are likely to be outsourced to machines. However, there are a huge number of new business problems that are emerging and have to be solved in the areas of Cloud Computing, IOT, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. This will create significant job opportunities for young professionals seeking IT careers. As a student, this is the best time to invest in yourself as a professional and pick up new relevant skills that will future-proof you for the next two decades.”

( article is based on a press release from TalentSprint ‘s PR.)

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