Why are Indians struggling to succeed in their careers?


Success = Knowledge + right skills + hands-on work experience.

This formula for career success seems simple. All you need to do is sign up for a course, pass it and gain experience.

In India, the higher education student population is 37.4 million.

Every year, on average, 1.5 million students get an engineering degree and 4 lakh students get a pharma degree, among others. These individuals fit the formula. They have signed up to a course, received their certificates and are in the market to gain experience.

The only thing between them and their career success is work experience, which they will build in the next few years, right?

So, why do Indian’s find it so hard to find employment? In 2019, only about 46.21 per cent of graduates were thought to be employable.

Where is the problem?

Apart from mainstream education, the internet offers access to many professional training programs. You can master a skill from the convenience home. But despite easy access and a multitude of choices, unemployment is rising. Here are a few issues to think about.

Lack of awareness

A recent survey says that there are over 250 different types of career in India. But, 93% of the students aged 14 to 21 are aware of just seven career options. It is almost shocking.

This lack of knowledge about opportunities continues into young adulthood, during the UG and PG years. Without an option to switch fields during graduate school or mid-career, many are stuck studying or working at places they don’t like.

Quality & standard

Only seven Indian universities were ranked in the top 400 universities by the well-regarded QS World University Rankings for 2019.

From inadequate government budget and poor facility infrastructure to variable standards of teaching and outdated curriculums, many factors affect the education sector.

Trust and Transparency

We’re witnessing a rise in unaccredited and unrecognized certification courses. Institutes are producing unskilled graduates, who are unaware of their skills are lacking for the marketplace. People are pursuing courses that give them qualifications which are practically worthless.

Additionally, improper certification, verification and validation techniques have made it harder for recruiters to trust individuals.

Can educational institutions offer better career options?

By acknowledging these issues, educational institutes can improve their services and rank better. They can begin by analysing performance, identifying gaps and opportunities. Leveraging internet connectivity, institutions can incorporate valuable online tools like videos and webinars.

why Indians are strugglingOnline tools hold the power to educate and enhance students’ job placements.

Let us look at a few ways that will certainly raise the bar:

  • Networking: Being part of a network, connecting with industry experts and staying up-to-date with industry trends will set the bar high. Delivering high-quality education programmes that meet global standards. And, voluntarily requesting reviews from students, alumni, HRs and third-party review agencies will position your students for success.
  • Digital certificates placed on blockchain: Blockchain uses a distributed network of computers to record and store transactions. Once a record is created, it cannot be altered. As all changes made will be tracked, creating and sending digital certificates on blockchain technology will remove the chances of fraud and misrepresentation. It will also enable speedy verification. This will build trust among recruiters.
  • Data Analytics: Studying your current institute data, from student-faculty ratio to most pursued courses, you can find insights. These insights will help in improving your services. For example, if a majority of alumni feedback for a course is negative, the data gathered may indicate the shortcomings and uncover improvement opportunities. Having such information will help in making data-led decisions and validates business strategies.

This is precisely where Certif-ID is revolutionising educational institutions. Built on Ethereum Blockchain technology, it lets institutions simplify and automate processes, issue digital certificates and more. By providing a roadmap for institutions and students, Certif-ID is improving graduate placement and attracting new student enrolments.

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The road towards success is easier with a guide. Take advantage of platforms like Certif-ID. Let it do the smart work for you, and truly put you on the map.

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Author: Rakshit Manga, Sales Director, Certif-ID

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