Why B.Voc matters! How industry-integrated courses enhance employability


Have you ever thought of the importance of industry-integrated courses that shape the career of young and vibrant people like you? It’s high time we realize the importance of work integrated learning programmes that are changing the employment scenario in India.

To get an opportunity to start building your career is a great thing. However, utilizing that in a meaningful manner is more important. Inspite of the diverse educational courses and training programmes that are available, many young people are still struggling to choose the right career option. The common notion is to opt for any traditional degree programs and professional courses like Engineering. In some cases, there will be preference for any particular field of education irrespective of the employment opportunities or future prospects. However, things are really changing as many young people are getting acquainted with industry-integrated courses like B.Voc.

As against the traditional mode of obtaining a degree, industry-integrated degree course will give you access to a number of educational programmes where you get exposure to the industry practices.The main advantage of opting a job-oriented degree program is that it will secure you with a job as soon as you finish the course. Also, these programs have many features as compared to the conventional degree courses.

For enhancing employability, knowledge from books should be combined with practical experience from the industry! And this is one of the key features of the B.Voc degree course.

Vocational degree courses have become popular in India within a short span of time. As part of the nation’s skill development programs, many skill development universities have initiated job-oriented degrees.B.Voc degrees are one among them.B.Voc courses are designed in such a way keeping in mind the scope of employability after the completion of the course.

At present there are a number of B.Voc courses that specialize in many sectors.These courses are integrated with adequate practical training, entrepreneurial skills and employment opportunities.As all B.Voc degree courses are collaborated with specific industry partners, Why B.Voc Mattersstudents get an opportunity to do hands-on work in the industry. Also, in many cases students are paid stipend.In this way, the chances of getting absorbed by the organizations also improves. .Let’s take a look at the main advantages of opting B.Voc courses against a conventional degree course:


The main advantage of choosing a B.Voc degree is that it assures you with an employment as soon as you finish the course.For those who aim at grabbing a job just after finishing a degree course can right away opt for a B.Voc course.The B.Voc courses also develop the entrepreneurial skills of the students in a great way. Hence, if you wish to be an entrepreneur, you can confidently apply your skills to develop a business of your choice.

Economic benefits

Job-oriented B.Voc courses are economical as compared to the over-rated technical and other traditional courses. Since, the courses are integrated with practical and other skills training, the cost incurred is worthy enough as compared to the traditional courses which leave behind a huge burden of unemployment and related monetary aspects.

Opportunity for personal development

As against the traditional degree courses, industry-integrated courses are incorporated with the required Skills training wherein the students are moulded in such a way making room for their overall personal development.These programs completely focuse on all aspects of employment-oriented courses.This, in fact, helps students to explore diverse opportunities in their respective sectors.

Job-oriented training

 Even though our previous generations have gone through a rigid educational system wherein there was limited access to the courses of their choice, we live in an age where every unique vocation is recognized and diligently carved into high-profile professional courses. These courses provide us with industry-oriented training which is very much needed in this technological era. Gaining hands-on knowledge along with the theoretical aspects is a boon and B.Voc courses provide this with utmost perfection.  In this way, we can understand the current industrial practices before even opting a job.

More flexibility

 You might have come across many new-age courses where the course structure is entirely different. This is one of the benefits of choosing industry-integrated programs as they offer you more flexibility. In certain programs, you have multiple entry-exit options. This will enable you to opt a job right after completing the course as per your choice!

With new-age B.Voc courses, you are exposed to a number of opportunities. Choosing the right vocational course is as important as understanding the importance of job-oriented courses in this era. Hence, if you are aspirational enough to build your career and obtain a job that provides you with utmost satisfaction and security, it’s time to say good bye to the traditional degrees and opt the new-age B.Voc degree programs.

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