Why Blockchain Technology is Crucial in Education 4.0?


What is Education 4.0?

Education 4.0 combines the power of tech and discovery learning to produce competent candidates to meet the high demand for modern spaces.

It has led to the use of new technologies like gamification and virtual reality in teaching. And, automatization like digital payments, cloud-enabled database management to make work easier.

How does Blockchain contribute to education 4.0?

As technology is continually emerging, components of education 4.0 are not yet fully defined or understood. But technologies like blockchain are undoubtedly amplifying the transformative power of learning and education.

Blockchain is giving educators opportunities to create shared blockchain services like blockchain credentials, digital certificates, and badges. It is also extending its services to students providing them with learning and career advancement opportunities.

Why Blockchain Technology is Crucial in Education 4.0Why is there a need for services like blockchain-based digital certificates?

Digital disruption has forced organizations across sectors to adopt new technologies and transform the way they do business. Now, they are looking for people who can work on these new technologies. The shortage of skilled talent is increasing rapidly.

Three major reasons for this shortage:

  1. Lack of visibility. For instance, how often do we see automotive, construction, or fire and safety professionals being hired via online platforms?
  2. Unable to provide evidence of skills. Professionals do not have nationally or globally recognized certificates of their skills.
  3. Limited networking resources. Skilled professionals are unable to connect with the potential recruiters to find a job.

Quite fittingly, the solution to the problems presented by digitization is – digitization itself!

Technology can be the key to solving the issues of connectivity and visibility. To be more specific – it is Blockchain technology that can help level the playing field for institutes, recruiters, and technical experts.

How can Blockchain technology help level the playing field for educators, recruiters, and technical experts?

Facilitating connectivity and visibility

Let us take a look at the Certif-ID networking platform backed by blockchain.

  • It acts as the hub for engagement between educators, recruiters, and skilled workers
  • It allows skilled professionals to view and pursue courses from leading training institutes
  • Upon completion of a course, skilled workers can earn a digital certificate powered by blockchain and prove their skills to recruiters

Certif-ID is speeding up the process of upskilling and recruitment.

Certifying technical prowess using blockchain

Blockchain-based certificates bring in trust, transparency, and traceability.

  • A digital certificate issued on a blockchain is not controlled by any network entity. So, it is accessible by anyone who has access to its direct link/URL, forever
  • When an institute utilizes a blockchain-based solution like Certif-ID to create and issue a digital certificate, it cannot be forged or altered.
  • A student receiving a Blockchain-based digital certificate can share them with recruiters and have them authenticated immediately

Platforms like Certif-ID, allow educators to issue digital certificates for a range of purposes, from academia to sports. By empowering students to be able to provide proof of education and skill, educators are focusing on redesigning learning environments and experiences.

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Blockchain can speed up the recruitment process

Blockchain-based digital certificates are completely tamper-proof, thereby negating the issue of misrepresentation of skills, and hence simplifying background checks.

  • Instead of going through page-long resumes and keyword-stuffed descriptions, recruiters can base their decision on an individual’s digital certificate
  • Recruiters can narrow down on the right candidate with the right skills in next to no time

One of the most important ways Blockchain can boost education 4.0 is by harmonizing the processes that interlink the education and employment sectors. Issuing and verifying digital certificates and eliminating fake certificates can speed up the process of students being skilled and recruited.

If you plan to digitize your current certification process, it is not surprising that you will have questions. Just ask us here. Or book a quick 10-min demo of Certif-ID and witness the value we can provide to your institute and students.

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