Why Training of Trainers (ToT) is integral to the success of any skilling program?


In the second part of the skill talk, Ms. Neera Chandra, Chief Technical Officer & GM (ToT, CSR, RPL, and other special projects) at ATDC, talks about ToT at ATDC, online training for teachers, blended learning model for training, and more.

As discussed in the first part of the interview, the training of trainers (ToT) program is crucial for the success of any training program. For any organization or institution to grow and meet the standards of the workplace, training of trainers is paramount. As it is the trainers who in turn impart these skills and knowledge to the students. A good trainer is not just someone who can impart skills and knowledge but also knows how to deliver the sessions, make the sessions interactive, someone who is able to answer the queries of students, and much more. Read on to learn more.

Q: How does ATDC train faculty/trainers under the Training of Trainers (ToT) program?

A: ATDC’s approach towards the Training of Trainers is very holistic. ATDC has three academies completely dedicated to the development of teachers. The three academies are located in Gurugram, Chhindwara, and Thiruvananthapuram. They are equipped with the latest technologies and machines. Chhindwara ToT Academy also has a residential facility.  We have industry partners like JUKI, who helped us in establishing the JUKI Innovation Centre at ATDC ToT Academy, Gurugram.

To train the trainers, we take the approach of RUN – reskilling, upskilling, and new skilling. For ATDC faculty, we conduct faculty development programs, which are conducted region-wise with classroom sessions as well as physical training.

We make the batches of the faculty, based on the Domain subject area, ease of approach to ATDC ToT Centre, and the language preference. ATDC ToT team selects the Master Trainers who can train the teachers in their local language and have an understanding of the requirements of the area, as this helps the trainees get connected easily and participate to the maximum.

At ATDC,  firstly, we pre-screen the teachers to gauge their existing skills in the subjects of their domain area and according to the gaps identified the course contents are customized or modified. In the Apparel Sector, there are about 45 job roles and apart from providing training for these 45 job roles, in our holistic approach, we coach them into various life skills as well. The subjects on the deliverance of training, teamwork, time management, anger management, listening skills, personal health and hygiene, financial management, and digital literacy are an integral part of our training program.

Why Training of Trainers (ToT) is integtal to the success of any skilling programATDC has been authorized to impart this training to the trainers of skill space in the PMKVY -2 scheme of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and also has been empaneled by the Textile committee for training to trainers who will work for training the candidates under the Samarth scheme of  Ministry of Textiles.

So far, we have trained about 4500+ candidates from about 600 different organizations with the help of 165 sector skill council certified trainers.

Q: How did you shift to online teacher training?

Training of Trainers program at AtdcA: The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted teaching and training. After the lockdown, ATDC ToT Academy took the initiative and prepared ATDC faculty for shifting from offline to online mode. We worked on the nuances of taking online teaching sessions and conducting online assessments. Various different online platforms were explored. Training content for online teaching was prepared, LMS training modules were developed by the CE department. We started training our faculty to take technical webinars on various topics related to fabrics, knits, leathers, and aspects of improving productivity, etc. These webinars built up the capacity of faculty for online modules. The readiness of our faculty helped ToT Academy to start various government-sponsored ToT programs online.

Taking online classes becomes a challenge for teachers as retaining students’ interest in the topic is difficult. Keeping this in mind, we train the teachers and trainers on making assignments, quizzes, polls, articles, write-ups, etc. to make online classes interactive.

Q: How is trainer satisfaction at the end of the Training of Trainer (ToT) program?

A: After every Training of Trainer (ToT) program we take the feedback from the participants about content, deliverance, learning outcomes, etc. and transform our training modules based on the feedback. With our training modules and methods, trainers who come for training learn how to make their classes interactive and how to conduct good lectures for the students.

Many teachers have not even used laptops earlier, but after the training program, they know how to teach online and the use of different digital tools to make training interactive.

Q: Why Training of Trainers (ToT) is integral to the success of any skilling program?

A: With a growing emphasis on vocational training, all the stakeholders and skilling agencies are recognizing the need for Training of Trainers (ToT). Initially, teachers were given a lot of importance and slowly it became less aspirational. Now again the role of a teacher is being recognized by the government.

Training of Trainers program helps teachers in skilling and developing themselves, who will in turn impart the right training and skills to the students. Industries having training cells, skilling, and training institutes are now giving preference to ToT certified teachers.

To make the teaching profession aspirational for the youth is the challenge we need to address and good TOT trained teachers only can take this first step.

Q: Could you explain in brief about the blended learning model in the ToT program?

A: At  ATDC, we follow synchronous e-learning blended with asynchronous learning. Synchronous learning is through interactive live sessions. The online modules have been prepared by master trainers which help teachers for asynchronous self-learning.

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