Why working in the food industry can be a delightful experience


Did you ever think that those delicious dosas and idlis you savour every morning would just take 10 minutes to make? If I asked you this question before ID Idly dosa company came up, your answer would be “no way!”. However, with the advent of ID company with its brilliantly unique idea of processing food batter, which would otherwise take a very long time to make, it is now possible to quicken the process of making dosas and idlis. This new concept has taken the food processing industry by a storm. Just like P.C Mustafa, the brain behind ID, you too can change the processing market in your own way, and to do that, all you need is a great idea, enthusiasm and certain skills!

Being the umbrella industry, the food industry synergises the contributions of India’s leading sub industries – Dairy industry, fruits and vegetables industry, meat and poultry industry and so on – all of which are a part of the huge umbrella that the food industry is. Starting your own business in the food processing sector, regardless of the scale, is not only self beneficial but also contributes to employment generation.

Why working in the food industry is a delightful experienceOpportunities for entrepreneurs in food processing industry

India is among the top 5 global countries in terms of start ups. Being said so, our country has unlimited entrepreneurial openings in the food sector too. There are quite a lot of opportunities available for passionate entrepreneurs to address the challenges faced by this industry. For example, one of the most important challenges this sector faces is filling of skill gaps. The advent of skilled entrepreneurs would tackle this problem to some extent. The involvement of young change makers in the already advancing industry would lead to robust growth.

Technology in the food processing industry

Going back to the ID’s example, it is understandable that technology plays a dramatic role in the progress of the Indian food processing sector. Over the years, latest technologies have transformed the industry into something we had never imagined. The use of extremely modern machines and the automation of almost every activity in the production process has helped the food industry shift to a much advanced level. The government’s latest initiative, Make In India is also going hand in hand with this. Starting from manufacturing the product to packing it up, each and every step of processing has now become automatic. Fortunately, we can notice this trend not just in the developed, urbanised regions but also in the rural areas of the country. The small, medium and large enterprises are picking up pace in the technological aspects as well.

Women in the food processing industry

Arya, a mother of two, is a talented baker and her children love the delicious chocolate cookies she makes. Arya now wants to restart her career. She does her share of research and decides to start a cookie and biscuit making enterprise in the town where she lives. Can you relate to Arya’s story? Then you surely must read on to learn more about the brilliant opportunities the food processing industry has laid down for you. Breaking the stereotypes, we now see women playing an active role in the food industry. You might be a mother looking to restart your career, or a young woman fresh out of college; irrespective of your background, the food industry is welcoming dynamic women. From being a conservative and traditional industry to employing female employees under the most physically challenging job roles, the food industry has come a long way and it does not look like it might stop anytime soon!

Saying that the food industry is a boon to every section of the society, is an understatement. The food sector is opening doors for everyone of you. Go ahead and find the suitable job role that the food industry is offering and get ready to munch on the success that your career will turn out to be!

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