Women in Telecom Sector – Success stories from Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC)

Telecom sector has been providing huge opportunities for women through skill development. With the advance in technology and diverse opportunities, more women are entering the telecom sector. As these women build their careers, they are not only building their lives but also changing the perceptions of employment in the industry. The sector, which was once male-dominated, is accepting efficient women to take part in the industrial development. Here are some success stories of women who have built their careers with the help of Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC). Let’s read on…
Women in Telecom Sector
Palak_TelecomPalak Garg, Karnal Haryana
She completed the training course in Installation Engineering which is a networking course in August 2018. She is currently providing coaching to some students at home. Looking for a good job. She feels it’s not very easy to find a good job in this area. She has done her Master in Commerce.
Sapna_TelecomSapna, Karnal Haryana
She completed the training course in Installation engineering Layer 2 and layer 3. She has a part time job at Nishulk Computer Centre in Karnal. She is happy with her job but is on the look out for better opportunities. She feels the training was very helpful as they have many options, they can go into banking or teaching or telecom etc. She has completed her M. Com prior to the skill development course.
Upasana, Haryana
She is also from Karnal Haryana and has done this 3 month skill development course after completing her M Com and B.Ed. She is providing computers training to students at R.S Public school in Karnal.
Neetu, Karnal Haryana
From Karnal Haryana has also completed her M.Com. She is working in a private sector company is happy with her current role but looking to grow her career through better opportunities. She has also completed the 3 month training in Networking.
Pooja from Karnal is working as a Lab attendant in a government school in Karnal. She has done the training course in Installation Engineering Layer 2 and Layer 3 and is happy with her job. She is also an M.Com student. Her family was very supportive and she did not face any challenges in studying or taking up a job.

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