Crisis management skills: Writing


The way you communicate through your writing speaks a lot about you as a person. To make your writing effective you need to plan, organize, compose and review your thoughts. This is a must for any type of writing – professional communication or creative expression. It could be an email, a social media message or an article that you want to publish; the seriousness of the effort is the same! Never write something by way of reaction to something you read, saw or watched. Always respond thoughtfully making use of the skills involved in writing.

In today’s world, good writing skills are crucial and very useful for career success. People with error free writing skills are much appreciated by employers as they come across as someone who is highly knowledgeable and organized.

Writing is a difficult skill to master, however practicing regularly will definitely help. So does learning the basics. To get you started with your writing skills here are few steps that can help in developing effective written communication skills.

Start with a proper mindset

Before you start writing something you need to have the proper mindset for the project. Gather all the necessary resources and have them nearby. Take a moment to organize your thoughts before starting. Identify the target audience and the primary purpose of the written communication. Keep all these things on the top of your mind as you write and be clear with your thoughts.

Writing skillsGet to the point immediately

It is very critical to get to the point immediately or you may lose your audience. Keep your writing simple for your readers to understand it. Also avoid using complex words. Your writing should clearly convey the message for which you don’t need to use confusing words and abbreviations.

Take it seriously

Take everything you write seriously. You need to be clear about the main message that you want to deliver. Start with listing the key points and write a short summary of what you would like to include in your writing. 

Review your writing

After writing something, review it for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. It is very important for your writing to be error free. You can be a little mindful while writing which will help you avoid such mistakes. Make it a point to religiously review your writing once you are done. 

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Writing can help you reach out to a larger audience. Practicing the above mentioned steps consciously will definitely improve your writing skills which in turn will enhance your communication skills.

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