A chat with the automotive trainees at Youth Empowerment at SKF (YES)


 “I prefer to work in two-wheelers section. Most people will have at least one two-wheeler in their houses. So, there will be work for us.” one of the trainees at YES center* for automotive training.

“I joined this course because I want to open a garage for car wash and servicing. I have always wanted to start a business on my own” Another trainee in the automotive training class at YES.

Even though the Automotive skilling course was mostly meant for drop outs, we found that there were trainees who had completed their Diploma and they had joined the course for getting practical training. Most trainees prefer two-wheelers as there is more scope for that business. They feel 4-wheeler is more complicated and there are more 2 wheelers than 4 wheelers in our country. However, there are students in the new batch where most of them are interested in 4 wheeler training.

Some candidates want to provide car wash facilities in big apartments and gated communities as the current people are not professional and unreliable and this can be extended for servicing too.

Many students have joined this course to become entrepreneurs. Some of them want to work somewhere initially to save some money and then use that to start their own business. Also, many students who have joined the course have previously worked in the same or related sector. They want to enhance their skills and get more knowledge about the processes in the industry.


“I have completed a course in ITI .I came to attend this auto training course because I did not receive any practical training in my previous course.”

“I have done my Diploma in Electronics and Communications.Even after 3 years of my course, I didn’t get a job. So I joined this training.” A trainee from Hosur.

“I am from Pondicherry. I already have a garage in my family. So,I want to get more knowledge. So, I have joined this course” Nandakumar from Pondicherry

“I was working in a showroom where I was looking at the electrical aspects of cars. I want to go back and get a better job with my enhanced skills.” A trainee from Karnataka

There are students who are working and learning. One student works in the evenings to gain experience. The course covers basic training for automobiles. They all are looking forward to their placements and are aware of the current salaries in the market. The company where they get placed will again give some company specific training. There are some who have come from other states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

*YES center is run in collaboration with Sambhav Foundation.

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