Trainees and Trainers from Apollo MedSkills share their messages on Independence Day 2018


As we all are gearing up to celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Day, we launched a campaign to convey the importance of  independence and freedom through skills, knowledge and continuous learning. As a response to the campaign, here we share messages from Apollo MedSkills  . Read on to see what they say. (Note this article has 3 pages, click ‘on page numbers’ at the end to visit the next page)

Trainees talk about independence, freedom and empowerment through skills, knowledge and continuous learning

Bhaskar Jyothi Lachon, ApolloMedskills“ Learning MLT course will allow me to continue my studies and pursue B.Sc.MLT. I am happy about choosing this field and choosing comes through freedom and I am interested to choose my career in Medical / Health sector.”
Bhaskar Jyothi Lachon, Student


Drishti Baruah, Student Medskills“I am acquiring knowledge and this knowledge give me freedom to spread it among many others like me. Knowledge empowers me for progressing in life”
Drishti Baruah, Student


Madhumita Changmai, Student Medskills“By learning Emergency Medical Technician Course, I will be able to serve my village and work for the betterment of their health.”  Madhumita Changmai, Student

Apollo Medskills Trainees 1


Dipak Kalita, Student Medskills“I like medical field. I am learning this course for serving people. I want to pursue my career in health care and help the patients for their better health”  Dipak Kalita, Student



Aakash, Student Medskills“I lost my father in my childhood and my mother is daily wage worker in agricultural land or construction sector. I have studied upto 12th in Science. I am learning GDA course and there is job guarantee. Once I start earning, I want to give freedom to my mother from the hardships and I will be independent because my skills will shape my career and life.” Aakash, Student


Srilatha, Student Medskills“To me, freedom is stepping out of my village for improving my knowledge and skills that will make me employable and achieve independence.”  Srilatha, Student



Manasa, Student Medskills“I have joined in Pharmacy Assistant Course so that I can be self-employed in future with the knowledge and skills gained at Apollo MedSkills. To me, freedom means not working under someone.”   Manasa, Student


Sai Kumar, Student Medskills“I lost my parents in my teenage and my grandmother is my care-taker. Discontinued my education after 12th due to financial conditions at home. Worked as a data entry operator, daily wage worker and fulfilled my responsibility of getting my two elder sisters and one younger sister married. Now, I want to continue my education through acquiring skills and achieve freedom from poverty. Skills have given me confidence and independence for decision making.” Sai Kumar, Student

Manoj Kumar Student Medskills“I feel Apollo MedSkills was a right way to fulfill my dreams. Coming from a middle class family, this education has given me knowledge and courage to face the world and to build a better socio-economic status so that I can live my life without depending on others.” Manoj Kumar Student


Ignatious Vikash Student Medskills“The skills which I had learnt at Apollo MedSkills have made me technically strong in my profession. Here the training is given in an effective way so that we can handle the patients effectively and efficiently. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to live independently and for being our inspiration.” Ignatious Vikash

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