ASDC Conclave 2019 – Case studies and best practices in automotive skill development


The ASDC Annual Conclave 2019 organized a session dedicated to understanding the best skill practices in automotive skill development. In this session, Mr. John K Paul, MD, Popular Vehicles & Services Ltd. and MD Kuttukaran Foundation; Mr. M.M Singh, GM Talent Development and HR, Hero Motors; Mr. Sunil Sharad, DGM HR, Sandhar Technologies Ltd and Ms. Vidya Nambirajan Managing Trustee, Nambirajan Foundation presented case studies showcasing unique features of the training programs and the impact created through making youth employable and helping them with gainful employment.

Presenting the case study, Mr. John K Paul said,” a training program called the body shop and painting (denting and painting) was started with in-house and now it is an institute. The highlight of the training provided by our organization is technical and soft skill training. OJT is done at the work-shops. Industry institute blending is the main focus in our organization which is done by connecting with the dealers, absorbed by dealers with 100% placement. Our employees have taken part in the skill competitions and were awarded as the best technician from Maruti. Our organization provides trained employees for the dealership which is connected by Bajaj auto and MRF. Under this training, we have trained 150000 people. This helps in increasing customer satisfaction. The training provided by our organization is free. More than 50% is absorbed by us and the rest is absorbed by the industry. There is no dearth of applications. We use less paint for which we won a medallion for avoiding wastage.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. M.M Singh said,” The future possibilities and opportunities in the automotive industry is huge. We are the No 1 two-wheeler manufacturer in the country. Our organization provides in the house training facility at all plants. We also provide an overall industry snapshot and HMCL facilities. The current trends and automation in this sector are changing the world. So the customers will gradually change. With new technologies, many skills will vanish since many components will be outdated. So, new skills will be needed. However supervisory and leadership skills will not change. Our organization has opened the facility to create a skill pool for the local youth. We are focusing on dual-mode training which includes the training and the practicing. Our training will make the youth employable after 1 year. Our students have performed well in world skills competitions.”

Presenting case study on Sandhar Skill Development Centre, Mr. Sunil Sharad said, “ Sandar Skill development centre is a door lock assembly. We are an Auto component manufacturing group with 41 units and 9500 peoples.  The established Sandhar skill development centre at the manufacturing unit is linked with the vision of Skill India and PMKVY as well as ASDC. We provide training using a well-defined responsibility matrix for maintaining the candidate mobilization and trainee workflow. The training content consists of four components which are disciplinary rules, process knowledge, safety and environment and importance of quality. A detailed lock assembly line would be set up to give training on General awareness topics, Kaizen, Stress Management and Communication Skills. We focus on 3Rs i.e. reduce, reuse and recycle. Students are also trained on productivity enhancement.”

Ms. Vidya Nambirajan, presented a case study on automobile academy, its history, purpose, motto, and the journey. During the presentation, she said, “We have started in 1988 as a multi-brand garage. Our main motive is to bring dignity to our profession. The huge demand for trained technicians and the lack of quality training is the main reason behind the establishment of the training institute. We want to reduce the lack of hands-on experience by providing quality training and deploying them into society. The training is provided to all the candidates including women candidates. The garage is ISO certified. We have included the corporate culture into the garage. The training is well structured. With the daily schedule and team work, students will be disciplined in their lives. The training is classroom-based as well as there is the use of tools and equipments too which helps the students to master both the theoretical and practical knowledge. We provide fun and creative learning where students get the chance to learn by being close to the technicians and experts. Our students should be productive, follow rules and be accountable and competent.  We have a provision for the training of trainers as well where experts from Germany train the trainers. “

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