Paramedical courses from PIER: A pathway to success for students of B.Voc in Healthcare


PIER – Paramedical Institute of Education and Research, is a TISS-SVE Hub Partner for B.Voc in Healthcare sector.

Mayank Mishra_Tiksna B.VocParamedical courses from PIER: A pathway to success for students of B.Voc in Healthcare, Author: Mayank Mishra, Director & Chief Operating Officer, Tiksna


Tell me and I Forget. Teach me and I Remember. Involve me and I Learn”-    Benjamin Franklin

The above quote lays emphasis not only on the importance of learning but also the manner in which learning happens.  When we talk of Skill Development, development of skill can only happen when a student is provided with adequate amount of industrial exposure, adequate opportunity to work under the guidance of experts.

Tiksna paramedical B.Voc courseAt all our Training Hubs, we provide our students with an opportunity to learn within the industry right from the beginning. So along with theoretical knowledge, they also acquire necessary life, communication and employability skills.  Thus, they get involved, they learn and become successful.

These days industries expect employees to possess all types of practical skills and knowledge. The overall personal development of our students be it in terms of life skills, communication skills, etc gives them an added advantage with more opportunity to learn, earn and grow.

“I had never been exposed to know about the different course by my school / family. TISS course ripened me in all aspects. The kind of counselling and motivation towards Paramedical Healthcare course which they gave, I could select Diploma in Medical Lab Technology course. After 18 months of course, I am working with Godrej Hospital”.  Anita Jadhav

“I am independent now and have my own income. Thanks to PIER.” Pooja Sonawane

These are just a few testimonies of students who were part of our Skill Development courses and are now successfully employed. Till now almost all of our students have received employment after their respective course completion. Some students have even received job offers at completion of 1st year of their degree course.

In today’s age, the growth of a nation is determined by the ease with which it provides accessibility to healthcare services to its citizens. If we focus on India, while on one hand the healthcare sector is showing an upward growth, at the same time there is an acute shortage of skilled paramedical staff to support the healthcare industry.

To keep up with the increased demand of skilled individuals, Tiksna Livelihood launched its own specialized branch PIER – Paramedical Institute of Education and Research, which predominantly focuses on imparting skill-based education in the healthcare industry.

PIER is an advanced Healthcare skilling institute, which strives to elevate the quality of skilled resources into the healthcare industry by providing requisite skills to Allied Health professionals and making them employable and ready for the work.

Tiksna_B.Voc HealthcareWith no job assurance in the conventional degree and diploma courses even if done with reputed college, there has been an upward trend in the parents and students showing interest towards B. Voc courses. The success stories of our earlier students have created a positive word of mouth which has resulted in increased number of enquiries and admissions across all our centres.

“I am from U.P. and my communication skills were poor. I joined Diploma in X-Ray Technology and Ultrasound Assistant course for 18 months, in which I had done my training at reputed hospital in Mumbai. I gained lots of knowledge and developed personality and communication skills in myself. Further I got employment which helped me to support my family financially.”  Pankaj Gupta

A huge number of jobs in healthcare industry in India are ‘skill based’ entailing the requirement of vocational training. Vocational training demands being up to date with the latest changes and development in the respective industry.

Tiksna Paramedical BVoc courseSo, we make it a point to timely revise our syllabus based on the latest developments and requirements of the healthcare industry. All our content is vetted by eminent doctors in the respective field. All our facilitators are trained extensively to impart the required skills and knowledge to the students.

We have also been successful in having tie-ups with leading Hospitals, Pathology Labs and Diagnostic centres across India (Industry partner also known as Skill Knowledge Partner). Together we work towards building an ecosystem which imparts vocational training and education for skills required in the healthcare industry and enable it to reach out to the youth across India, who need and deserve a good education and employment.

Thus, with our vision backed by our efforts, PIER strives to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of skills in the healthcare industry and wish to continuously keep contributing towards making India’s youth independent and successful.

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