Webinar on building a career in RPA with Blue Prism


This webinar from TalentSprint unveils the endless potential that lies in one of the fastest growing IT Technology categories in the world, Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Building a career in RPA is a dream of many as it is one of the most in-demand technologies. Tune in to experience the world of RPA and learn directly from the experts at Blue Prism. The webinar also gives you the opportunity to connect with Blue Prism, a global leader in RPA.

With the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19, the entire IT industry is going through major changes. It has impacted the job market to a great extent and has given boost to the use of technologies. RPA is one of the many disruptive technologies which is going to impact the IT industry to a great extent. This webinar by TalentSprint will answer all the queries regarding RPA and will give give an insight into the domain.

What can you expect?

  • Connect with the Industry Leaders, Blue Prism
  • A Demo Session to Experience Connected RPA
  • Learn about the Blue Prism University and the Blue Prism Academia Program
  • Job Market Analysis and Insights on the RPA Industry

Who should attend?

  • University / College Management
  • Faculty
  • Young Graduates
  • Graduating Students

Webinar on Building a Career in RPA with Blue Prism

To learn about previous webinars , visit: https://www.nationalskillsnetwork.in/talentsprint/

About the speakers

Mr. Manjunath Chandrashekar
Program Manager, Blue Prism
Manjunath Chandrashekar – An aspiring Program Manager with 11+ years of experience. Areas of expertise include marketing, branding, people management, academy relations, Government relations, project management, inclusion, diversity and process optimization. Exposure to multinational working environments such as Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd., VMware Software India Pvt. Ltd., Symphony Teleca.

Mr. Vinay Shetty
Senior Product Consultant, Blue Prism
Vinay Shetty – Keen passion to grow with latest technologies and how to leverage them into developing meaningful applications. Leading Teams in a productive-agile approach while catering to client satisfaction. Currently working as a Senior Product Consultant at Blue Prism.

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