Certif-ID International and TÜV Rheinland are placing skilled Indians in high-demand jobs in Germany


Certif-ID International and TÜV Rheinland’s strategic partnership is placing skilled technical professionals from India, via SkillPass for jobs, in industries as diverse as automotive, healthcare and engineering. SkillPass simplifies recruitment and we will provide skilled Indians with one-to-one guidance.

Germany needs skilled Indian workers

Germany had been facing a skills shortage since before the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2019 annual economic survey by Eurochambres stated that one of the biggest challenges is the lack of skilled workers. Studies have also predicted that 352 out of 801 occupations will face a skills shortage during and after the pandemic.

The need for skilled workers is likely to grow in sectors like healthcare, automotive, engineering, science and information technology. But the number of locals with the skills and vocational training to fill those roles is low.

This rising skills shortage has opened job opportunities for Non-EU nationals. Addressing the issue of the gap between skills and jobs, the German government introduced the new Skilled Immigration Act, allowing Non-EU nationals with skills to apply for jobs and work permits.

New Opportunities for your students in Germany

The new Skilled Immigration Act says that German employers do not need to give first preference to the local talent. So, students with the right set of skills can take advantage of job opportunities in Germany now.

Certif-ID’s alliance with TÜV Rheinland positions skilled Indian experts for jobs and career success.

Certif-ID International and TÜV Rheinland are placing skilled Indians in high-demand jobs in GermanyHow Certif-ID positions your students?

Certif-ID is a dedicated skills community offering two major benefits:

Digital Certificates issued on blockchain technology

On the Certif-ID platform, education or training institutes can issue digital certificates placed on blockchain instead of paper certificates.

When an educator creates and issues a digital certificate, it holds an unalterable link and QR code. Using this link and QR code, recruiters can verify a candidate’s credentials immediately.

Moreover, as the digital certificate is based on blockchain technology it can be traced back to the source or certificate issuing body. So, there’s no room for fraud or misrepresentation.

Your students can prove their skills using Certif-ID’s internationally recognised digital certificates.

To know more about how you can issue digital certificates placed on blockchain, write to us or book a quick 10-minute demo.

SkillPass – a dynamic profile to showcase and prove skills

The Certif-ID platform gives your students the SkillPass. The SkillPass acts as a profile that they can use to:

  • Showcase skills and competencies
  • Create a stunning video CV and grab recruiters’ attention
  • Store all documents of education and qualification
  • Request and share references
  • Receive job recommendations based on skills
  • Create a Europass CV
  • Connect with recruiters, prove their skills and increase their chances of getting hired

Leading with Certif-ID’s SkillPass and TÜV Rheinland’s guidance we’re providing equal opportunities to everyone who has the right skills.

TÜV Rheinland to Help Candidates With A Smooth Transition

As a renowned technical training and certification company, TÜV Rheinland has developed processes to streamline how visas and work permits are issued, qualifications are recognised and with other immigration matters. This saves time and increases trust and transparency for candidates and recruiters.

After reviewing the SkillPass, skilled professionals with a job offer will get help with:

  • Learning German
  • Health Insurance, a document proving that you have travel health insurance to cover yourself against medical emergencies
  • Visa application along with a photo that meets the German embassy photo standards
  • Travel Itinerary, to show proof of your trip reservations, the reason for transport, as well as proof of what you are planning to do while in Germany

Together, we are not only making the application process easy but also boosting skill-based hiring and helping recruiters speed-up the entire recruitment process.

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Join us and get your students in pole position for jobs in Germany

Encourage your students to build their Skillpass on Certif-ID.

SkillPass helps your students stand-out amongst thousands of applicants. It is neither a job portal nor a form of presenting your student’s resume.

SkillPass provides international visibility, recognition and a comprehensive view of your student’s academic and professional qualifications. This makes it easier for recruiters to effortlessly view their records and make an informed decision.

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