Domestic Workers Skill Conclave at NEDFI, Guwahati on June 14th, 2019


On the occasion of ‘International Domestic Worker Day’, Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council in Collaboration with ASDM (Assam Skill Development Mission) is organizing a Domestic Workers Skill Conclave at NEDFI, Guwahati on June 14th, 2019.

Despite their huge number, the majority of domestic workers in India still remain illiterate, low-skilled and ill-provided in their lives and workplaces. They are also one of the poorest and most exploited groups of workers in the country, migrating in sizeable numbers, often trafficked and works at low wages, meagre benefits, and less legal or social protections compared to most other wage workers, with the probable exception of casual day labourers and industrial outworkers.

Domestic Workers in the North East states of India

The North East region employs a large number of women and young girls as domestic workers. Usually coming from illiterate or semi-literate backgrounds, domestic work is a primary source of employment in the unorganized sector. Given that less than 1% of the workforce is formally trained and certified, nearly 80-85% workers are potential beneficiaries of skill development programs. Tier I and Tier II cities in India have the highest demand for domestic helps.

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Domestic Workers Skill Conclave at NEDFI Guwahati on June 14th 2019Domestic Workers Skill Conclave – Objectives:

  • Introduce DWSSC to the key stakeholders in domestic work sector of the North East states in India.
  • Brand building for DWSSC and the related activities
  • Highlight the importance of training alongside the NSDC/MSDE and state partnership for better skills, remuneration and standards in a traditional occupation like domestic work
  • Bringing together all stakeholders in a geographically remote regions like North East India to advance the mission of the DWSSC

What to expect during Domestic Workers Skill Conclave:

  • Presentations by key stakeholders
  • Networking between the various stakeholders
  • Panel Discussion on topics related to this sector by experts from this industry.

Outcomes and way forward:

  • Increase awareness through events towards professionalizing dignity and security of Domestic Worker
  • Educating and sensitizing the stakeholders
  • Network with like-minded organizations
  • Work for policy change in local government
  • Demand Aggregation within and outside North East
  • Overseas placement

Participants and attendees

The conclave will provide a platform for further exchange of ideas and experiences amongst a wide range of Agencies, Institutions, Associations, Enterprises, and Experts. Through this conclave the aim is to reach out to:

  • Relevant Ministries
  • North East State Skill Mission
  • NGO’s and Unions related to Domestic Workers
  • Placement Agencies, Facility Management Companies & Service Providers
  • Training Partners
  • Assessment Bodies
  • Resident Welfare Association
  • Corporate, PSU, CSR and other foundations
  • Care Homes and App Based Service Companies
  • Skill Institutes and Academic Institutions


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