NSN Partners with EIFE for IISD Summit 2016


National Skills Network – NSN is happy to partner with EIFE for bringing digital media presence to the first ever upcoming India International Skill Development Summit and Exhibition (IISDS) 2016.

Skills are the driving force for the employment of any country in the world, and it is a primary aim to build the existing skill gaps and give utmost importance to skill development. Due to the large mismatch between skill gaps and the educational institutions, The First India International Skill Development summit was launched. Though the country has seen tremendous growth in the recent past, there is still a need to increase the supply of skilled manpower to the industry.

Keeping this in mind, both the industry and academics have realised the need for a two day summit on skill development and partnership between industry experts, trainers, various government parties and civil service batches. The aim is to build a vibrant partnership among all sections of the country for a skilled and a better India.

EIFE IISD Summit 2016With nearly 500 top professionals attending this event from various parts of India and Europe and with insightful speeches from some much esteemed speakers and panellists, creative strategies to rebuild and redesign the skill structure in the countries shall be adopted and implemented. Participants in the event will get a chance to showcase their ideas and experiences and also highlight their current achievements. The summit focuses mainly on highlight current skill development system and the role of the government in it and also how they will help Indian Institute in to improve their curriculum and trainings models.

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EIFE IISD Summit 2016

The objective of this two-day event summit is to build a platform between various government, private sector and civil society players to rapidly build up a vibrant skill development partnership with International Countries, Companies & Institutes those who have satisfactory experience in this filed. The aim of this Summit on skill development in India is to contribute to achieving rapid and inclusive growth through:

  • Identifying the current skill requirement in the potential sectors/industries
  • Benchmarking the Indian Skill development effort
  • Learning from the experience of OECD & ILO
  • Inviting International Institute for Skill India
  • Platform for Learning, Sharing & Join Ventures
  • G2G, G2B, I2I, G2I and B2B interaction

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