Find out how digital certifications impact placements


Today, over 70% of people are willing to augment their brains and bodies in order to improve their employment prospects. If this is the case then they are likely to expect technology to be incorporated into teaching and learning in ways that are relevant to their academic and professional success.

Under the pressures of digital disruption, professionals all across the world are running the risk of being outdated. With new technologies taking over fast, thinking about the future, about how to land the jobs of the future has become essential.

Other than having electronic chips embedded into our bodies, now there is a more feasible solution, a more accessible approach – digital certifications.

Why though? Well, there are two good reasons.

First things first. They focus on real-world skills and applications. As a result, professionals could be industry ready in no time. To give you an example, a professional could pick up a Data Science or Cloud Computing certification within 8-10 weekends, thereby allowing them to continue working.

Secondly, certifications are economical too. As compared to elaborate degree programs, they save professionals thousands of rupees.

Have they been effective though? By the looks of things, yes!

Certifications seem to be having a positive impact for sure.

A whopping 40% of certified professionals credit IT certifications for placements and promotions. As per another survey, 89% of professionals said digital certifications ‘made them more valuable’ to their employers.

In the IT domain alone, 95% of IT managers believe certifications provide value to the organization. Also, 72% of employers consider it to be a basic necessity to fill a given profile. Besides, 67% of employers relate certifications to a candidate’s hardworking nature.

In addition, certifications help tech professionals negotiate for a great salary or raise. A survey-based article on Zuan Education stated that certified professionals can get a 1.65x pay rise as compared to others. To give you an example, Project Management Professional (PMP) certified professionals receive 20% greater income, as compared to their non-certified peers.

Find out how digital certifications impact placementsThe world of certifications is certainly developing

As per a study on the value of digital certifications, they are much more likely to be accepted across niche or hard to find roles – jobs of the future.

So, how can one find the most fitting course to gain certification? Fact, there are thousands of courses and training institutes to choose from. Also, there are institutes that issue fake certificates and credentials.

Solving this is a huge pain point for both students and recruiters alike is Certif-ID, a blockchain-powered platform.

Certif-ID is making the whole journey from enrolment to certification as transparent as possible. It is enabling educators to list their courses, manage batches, issue digital certificates, verify the certificates and apply powerful data analytics to measure and manage their course and certificate management system usage down to individual user level.

Students or professionals who go through courses on Certif-ID can be 100% certain about the type of training they will receive. Especially, those from tier 2 and 3 cities who require a proper reviewal system.

Certif-ID also ensures that the certification process is super transparent. Whenever an institution or employer issues a digital certificate, it creates unalterable links between a candidate’s achievement and his or her credentials. These credentials are stored in secure, traceable records, thereby removing the possibility of fraud.

All in all, being awarded a digital certificate for completing a course is making a great impact in the professional world.

If you’re an institute looking at a support structure to help you meet today’s demands, our platform is ideal. There is no need for large investments or massive changes to be made to an institute’s infrastructure. Certif-ID is almost like a plug-and-play system, with easy Learning Management Systems (LMS) integrations and tools to help your students land jobs of the future.

Interested in finding out more about Certif-ID? Connect with me here or even schedule a quick online meeting of ten minutes.

    Author | Mike Wild | Director – Certif-ID

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