ASCI is organizing Fishery Skill Advisory Meeting at CIFNET, Kochi on 7th February 2018


Agricultural Skill Council of India (ASCI) is organizing the Fishery Skill Advisory Meeting at Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical and Engineering Training CIFNET, Kochi, Kerala, on 7th February 2018. The meeting is planned in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE). The meeting will address skilling challenges in the Fisheries sector through discussions with representatives from Fisheries space in India.

Thanks to rapid technological development, Fisheries and allied sectors are transforming into industry at a faster pace. This brings greater demand for knowledgeable and skilled human resource for the development of standard products and services in the sector. To sustain fisheries in the new millennium, the quality, technical skills and management of fisheries manpower in the country will have to improve in consonance with the rapidly changing needs of our society.

Objectives from the meeting

  • To bring forth ideas that would enable skill development in the fisheries sector and consequently help in enhancing employment opportunities and uplifting the traditional fisher folk families
  • To offer an opportunity for sharing learning and best practices

ASCI Fishery Skill Advisory Meeting Kochi

Agenda for the Meeting:  Click here to download the agenda for the meeting 

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Structure and deliberating points

The format of the discussion would involve participants from prestigious institutes/ organizations in the fisheries sector –Department of DAHDF, ICAR, NFDB, FISHCOPFED, ICFE, CIFNET, NIFPHATT, CIFT, CMFRI, CIFA, Fishery Survey of India, Fisheries Association and some of the Industry Partners. etc. The discussion would focus on the following key aspects crucial for successful skill development in the Fisheries sector:

Designing the training curriculum and content for skill development: Inputs would be invited from the panel with respect to institutes/ organizations that can take a lead in creating quality curriculum for the priority job roles in a timely and efficient manner so that the trainings can be initiated at the earliest.

Training partners that can lead the skilling of prospective candidates: The candidates who may need to be skilled would mostly come from coastal areas and remote villages. It would be essential to bring training facilities in their vicinity so that they can leverage skill development opportunities being offered. The panel would be requested to identify such training partners that have the required infrastructure and faculty for delivering quality training to the candidates.

Mobilization of resources for skill development: In addition to the formulation of content of job roles, it is equally important to create awareness and mobilize prospective candidates that may be keen to develop their skills in the roles mentioned above. It would be worthwhile to brain storm on some innovative methods that can help in reaching out to candidates for whom such skill development efforts are targeted. The discussion could revolve around format and structure of awareness campaigns, stakeholders that may need to get involved, target regions, etc.

Monitoring and course correction in skill development efforts: Skill development in the fisheries sector is not new but efforts are now being made to work in structured and uniform manner. Suggestions would be invited from the panel with respect to how such efforts must be monitored and reviewed in a timely manner for course correction. Also, though various efforts are being made in skill development, the group could also deliberate how synergies of various institutes can be leveraged for maximum impact.

The panel discussion would close with a clear actionable plan on each of the above mentioned points with clear timelines and accountabilities.

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