Fronius Hall of fame

A perfect joint adds strength and permanence to any structural component. It unites our world together through construction, automotive, aviation and many other industries. Welding is a skill and an art – both at the same time. And, we have many highly educated and skillful professionals, academicians, budding engineers and technicians who love welding and are committed to make it an aspirational field of specialization in India.

Fronius India and NSN have come together to bring visibility to their expertise and experience through the Virtual Hall of Fame dedicated to people who have excelled in their field.

Join us in celebrating their achievements and wish them success!


Breaking all the stereotypes, these professionals have risen to immense heights with their passion for welding. They are contributing continuously towards the welding industry and are also inspiring many youngsters to take up a career in welding. We appreciate and recognize the efforts of these high-profile personalities in their efforts towards making welding careers an aspirational one.

Mr. Parimal Biswas

A BSc Graduate and a Mechanical Engineer (Diploma) from Calcutta University Mr. Biswas developed his career in Quality and Sales of various welding consumables and simultaneously in HRD and training of welding personnel.

Mr. Deepak Acharya

I am a Mechanical Engineer from National Institute of Technology, Nagpur and Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. I did my Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Finance from Nirma Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Mr. Rahul Pathak

My first contact with welding as an application and useful everyday tool came when I welded our fence using the shielded metal arc process, normally seen on the roadside repair and maintenance workshops. Little did I realize then that I would make it a career.

Mr. Venkatachari Muralidharan

V. Muralidharan completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Post-Diploma in Metallurgy. He was also awarded International Welding Technologist by International Institute of Welding Foundry Technology training from Akron Standards, USA, in the year 1985.


Dr. Bijayani Panda

I received my MTech and PhD Degree from the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Department, IIT Kanpur. I worked for an Indian Railways funded project under the Technology Mission for Railway Safety (TMRS) for my Ph.D thesis.