Green industry in India: The need for skill development for green jobs


If you are a nature enthusiast who strives to sustain the environment, the green jobs sector has its doors wide open for you. The green industry is the umbrella sector which unites efforts of every environment – conscious individual. It strives to conserve environment and hand out a green world to the future generations.The green industry includes a wide spectrum of fields like water management, waste management, renewable energy, green construction, green transportation and general environment sustainability.

Given the global movement towards a sustainable development approach, the Indian green jobs sector is of immense importance with respect to its contribution to environment preservation as well as the country’s growth. It is one of the most innovative and wide scoped industries in our country. For instance, a shift from the conventional transport system to a greener system is vital for the socio-economic improvement of a country. Similarly, the renewable energy industry would aid in employment creation and economic furtherance.

Circular economy and green jobs
With sustainable future in mind, our country is picking up pace in the circular style of economy and the green job sector is playing a significant role in this case. The green industry is extremely dynamic and unconventional. Similarly, the circular economy takes an unorthodox path with its objectives of regeneration and conservation. With its job facilitation and re – facilitation, circular economy creates an excellent variety of jobs. By working in the green sector, young individuals who are creative, have the requisite skills and think refreshingly can synergise the elements of a circular economy and the green industry and help in conserving the environment.   

Green industry in India_ Need for skill development for green jobs
Government Schemes and the Green Industry
India, an active member and participant of the Paris Agreement, is giving utmost attention to sustainable development and environment preservation. Our government has brought several schemes into action in order to improve sustainability.

  • Transportation Schemes
    The Indian government is initiating several schemes to make the transportation system much more environment friendly and green. It is currently working on a transportation program which that would promote the use of hybrid/electric vehicles and non-fossil fuels among others for public transport. This plan would be implemented in about 103 cities. The Ministry of Urban Development has also launched a new scheme – Green Urban Transportation Scheme – with Central assistance of Rs.25,000 crore to improve green urban transport.
  • E – waste management schemes
    Keeping skill development and sustainability in mind, The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has initiated a pilot project ‘Awareness Program on Environmental Hazards of Electronic Waste’ that aims to provide training, tools and films. The motive of this project is to create awareness and reduce the damage that e-waste is causing to the environment.

Skilling in the Green Industry
The rapid change in technology and innovation, and the dynamic nature of market demand and supply have all contributed to the skill gap in the green industry. There is an urgent need to tackle this problem. The training the green workers receive does not suffice the needs of the ever growing green sector. This brings in a new need for re-skilling and upskilling, especially in sectors like renewable energy where the requirements are subject to constant change. One of the most recently launched initiatives, Skill Council for Green Jobs promotes skilling in the green industry. This Council, along with the National Skill Development Mission, is working towards reducing the skill gap in the green sector. These organisations, together aim to control the skill differences in the sector by providing continuous training and developing skill among the green job workers.

In all, the overall performance and futuristic approach of India’s Green Jobs sector is commendable. The incredible potential this industry holds is a definite boost to our country.

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