Crisis management skills: Growth mindset


When something goes wrong or not as planned, it is natural for all of us to feel bad and disheartened. But what defines our mindset is whether we get stuck at that point or look for opportunities. When we keep looking back at the same thing, it means we have a fixed mindset. But when we look for opportunities, when we think and analyse what could have gone wrong and how not to do it again, that means we have a growth mindset. 

All of us, irrespective of what our personal and professional lives are, need to have a growth mindset. Whether you are a student, a working professional or a sportsperson, all of us need to develop a growth mindset. 

Having a growth mindset will enable us to find new solutions to the problems, think of opportunities in the times of crisis, take up challenges and adapt to new situations. Growth mindset is a skill that can be learnt and practised over a period of time to become a better version of ourselves both personally and professionally. 

Let us look at the ways by which you can develop a growth mindset: 

growth mindsetDo not give up

Even if you failed doing the task before, do not give it up easily. Giving up will never let you succeed in life. Learn from the mistakes and look at those failures as opportunities. When something doesn’t work, try finding new ways. Don’t give up under any circumstances. 

Accept Yourself

Do not self-doubt. Stop your mind from telling you that you may not succeed and remove all self-doubt. Try to do your best. None of us is perfect but we can surely strive for excellence.  And accepting yourself the way you are should be the first step towards that.

Be creative

Creativity is one of the most important life skills. Try to find creative and innovative solutions to the existing problems. Think of new ways of accomplishing the task. This will help you find unconventional solutions. 

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Growth mindset not only helps you when you are acquiring a new skill but also when you decide to upskill or reskill yourself. Growth mindset is an attitude we must possess throughout our lives to be lifelong learners and continuously grow.

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