How these students are pursuing their dreams to join Fashion and Apparel industry


Apparel Training and Design Centre (ATDC) has carved out a niche as a national level vocational training provider in the apparel sector. ATDC offers several courses right from shop floor and supervisory levels to the managerial level. ATDC has been advocating and practising work-integrated learning in field of Apparel and Fashion. This helps students use their academic knowledge and reciprocate the same at workplaces to solve real-life challenges.

Thus, ATDC had created a pool of students, fashion and apparel enthusiasts who are empowered learners, demonstrate academic confidence, pride, knowledge of self, and their cultural heritage. Team NSN has been creating awareness and promoting “do what love and love what you do” at various platforms on a number of occasions. As a part of this initiative we interacted with the B.Voc students from ATDC to learn more about their choice of the course and how they feel about completing it as they wait for the final exams (delayed due to COVID-19).

Let’s meet few final-year B.Voc students of ATDC Okhla, who are pursuing their dream to join Fashion and Apparel industry.

Ranita Sarkar, ATDC B.Voc. student

Ranita Sarkar

“I come from a family of doctors and my parents wanted me to be one too, but I convinced them that my interest lies in fashion”, Ranita Sarkar, a third year B.Voc. student at ATDC, Okhla.

With the unveiling of National Education Policy 2020, there has been an immense thrust laid upon vocational degrees and courses. Vocational degrees are based upon experiential, practical, and hands-on learning. It makes a student ready for the industry with the necessary skills and practical experience.

“At ATDC, pursuing a B.Voc. degree in Fashion Design and Retail is a holistic experience. We were not only thought the theory at college but were also taken to various industries for industrial exposure. The industrial exposure broadened our approach and creativity to make a career in the field of fashion”, said Ranita.

Radhika Agarwal, ATDC B.Voc student

Radhika Agarwal

Radhika Agarwal, a third year student of B.Voc. Fashion Design and Retail, said “We have been given an opportunity by ATDC to be a part of various fashion shows and showcase our talent. We have participated in fashion shows held in Mumbai and Delhi and presented our designs to some of the fashion designers, media persons among other audience in the show.”

Both Ranita and Radhika couldn’t have been happier doing any other course for their graduate program as they expressed tremendous satisfaction with their exposure the fashion industry and their love for being a part of many events and co-curricular activities.

How these students are pursuing their dreams to join Fashion and Apparel industryChoosing fashion designing and apparel manufacturing as a career

Jintendra Negi, ATDC B.Voc. student

Jitendra Negi

“I had no idea about a garment before joining the B.Voc. course at ATDC. But after the completion of three years, I know what goes behind organising a fashion show, how big garment industries work, what are the technologies and how are they upgraded, merchandising, exports and much more”, shared Jitendra Negi, a student of B.Voc in Apparel Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship, ATDC, Okhla.

Fashion designing is a creative field that involves the selection of fabric, sketching a design, cutting a pattern, making the garment look aesthetic, comfortable, making them as per market predictions with rightly chosen colors and so much more. No matter how knowledgeable a student is with the theory, without industrial exposure, the knowledge would be incomplete.

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“I did three internships in design studios and export houses while pursuing the B.Voc. course at ATDC. I have worked as an Assistant Designer under Nikasha, a fashion designer based in New Delhi. I have gained experience in sourcing fabrics, collection, production, etc. In the export houses, I was doing sampling and gained so much knowledge on the production of a garment”, shared Radhika.

Cultivating entrepreneurial mindset among students

ATDC has been successful in cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset among its students. Not just the students of B.Voc. Apparel Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship but also the students of B.Voc. Fashion Design and Retail would want to gain experience in their field of choice first and then start their own boutique or venture.

“I am currently working as a Merchandising cum Process Analyser, where I am constantly researching on new styles, selecting the fabric required, etc. After a couple of years of experience, I would like to establish a start-up either on my own or in collaboration with fellow designers”, shared Jitendra.

With vocational degrees gaining importance and the government choosing to introduce vocational courses right from school level, students who have already pursued or in the course of completing a vocational course stand at an advantage.

These students with such enthusiasm and vigor for the subject will be role models for the youngsters who would want to pursue fashion designing or apparel manufacturing as a career.

With over 200 directly-run ATDC centres including 65 ATDC vocational Institutes spread across 23 states, 86 cities and about 150 districts spread across India, ATDC offers courses ranging from NSQF level 01-03 to 05-07 i.e. short-term entry-level certificate courses to longer-duration Bachelor Degree (B.Voc.) programs. Learn more details about the program here –

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