IL&FS Skills organizes industry partners’ meet in Delhi


IL&FS Skills Development Corporation Limited (IL&FS Skills) organizes an Industry Partner’s Meet in the capital to acknowledge and recognize the contribution of some of the Company’s key industry partners.

IL&FS Skills Development Corporation Limited (IL&FS Skills), a joint venture between IL&FS Education and Technology Services Limited (IL&FS Education) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), was set up in 2011, with a goal to train 4 million people, by 2022, through a network of 300 + Institutes of Skills. To ensure that every trainee is linked to employment opportunities, IL&FS Skills has a network of 2000+ employers, across sectors.

In the context of the above, an Industry Partner’s Meet was organized at India Habitat Center, New Delhi to acknowledge and recognize the contribution of some of the Company’s key industry partners. The Industry Partners Meet serves as a platform to strengthen the connect with the industry in meeting training requirements. IL&FS Skills works with more than 2000 Industry Partners across 20 sectors / 150 job roles in providing trained workforce.

IL&FS industry_partners_meet
Representatives of over 40 key corporates from diverse sectors such as Healthcare, Engineering, Construction, Hospitality, Retail, Green Jobs, Telecom and others attended the meet. Acknowledging the role of various stakeholders / partners, Mr. R.C.M. Reddy, Managing Director & C.E.O., IL&FS Education, not only talked about the deep-rooted link between Education, Employability and Employment, but also the role of partners in strengthening the transition between these important phases.

The chief guest of the occasion, Mr Jaikant Singh, Head, Partnerships and State Alliance, NSDC, spoke about the journey of Skill India, milestones achieved and importance of industry participation in this initiative. He also praised IL&FS Skills for the quality of training being imparted and the work done even in the most difficult regions of India. At the end, he stressed upon the need for skilling and jobs or employment to meet the country’s socio-economic goals.

Employers stressed upon the need for skilled manpower in order to increase efficiency and individual performance of each employee, and ease of recruiting better trained professionals, who are productive from day one. They also shared that the industry should collectively work towards increasing retention rates of employees. Elaborating on the subject, Ms. Nita Baluni, Area Manager, Human Resources, Crowne Plaza (InterContinental Hotel Groups) shared: “We have been working in partnership with IL&FS Skills for almost 5 years for various short term trainings, Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc) in the Hospitality sector, and EnglishBolo for improving spoken English skills of our employees. I remember an instance where a technician was asked to give a presentation and we were all very pleasantly surprised with his improved hold on the English language after completing his EnglishBolo training.” Mr. Darsht, Portea, shared how his Company is now looking to scale-up, thanks to the help of IL&FS Skills, who, he adds, understand the pain points and is willing to work together on them. Over the past two years, Portea has recruited over 500 people from IL&FS Skills.

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