IL&FS Skills celebrates trainers, in honour of Teacher’s Day


Today, on Teachers Day many students will be lyrical about their teachers and the important role they played in their personal journeys, but, on this special day, we at IL&FS Skills, wanted to celebrate the teachers or trainers as we refer to them in the skill development space, who is the reason behind achieving the objective of Skill India Mission.

Tariq Parvez, Dialysis Technician

Tariq Parvez, Dialysis Technician, has been teaching since 2008. In initial stages of his career he worked at the hospitals in the Dialysis department. Because of his strong explanation technique, he was shifted to the training department. Later on, he joined the skill development as a trainer, where he found more use of his skills. He says, “The best part about teaching is, a student never really ever leaves his teacher, they continue to guide the students in most of the aspects of their lives. A teacher mark on a student remain forever.” The best incident he has had as a teacher was when he found one of his trainee’s working in one of the most renowned hospitals. He says, “this is the most powerful feeling in the world, seeing your student doing well in his life and it’s worth all the efforts he put in his profession.”

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BhanuPriya, Retail Trainer

BhanuPriya, Retail Trainer, has been attached to teaching for the past nine years. As a trainer, she is quite popular among her students for her teaching style and dedication to work. She cites, “The dynamics of Teaching is changing dramatically around the world and it’s imperative to keep oneself updated with the trends, otherwise, you can easily loose interests among students. This one thing I am certain of, students are hungry for knowledge and that’s the only thing keeps them interested in training. As a teacher, I need to dive into the concepts rather than narrating the information through text book. I have to keep conducting practical classes to explain my concepts better.” That’s why perhaps she is a favourite among the students.


IL&FS Skills celebrates trainers, in honour of Teacher’s Day


Razia Sultan, Beauty & Wellness Trainer

Razia Sultan, Beauty & Wellness Trainer, has always wanted to be a teacher. Her attention gravitated towards becoming a beautician and fusing this course with teaching was a dream come true for her. Razia is committed to helping her students to look beyond their potential and it shows through her devotion in this craft. “Beauty”, she says, “is not only about looking pretty is about feeling beautiful and that’s what she aims to teach through her craft. The best part about being a teacher is you see a student transition into a confident being.”

Prateek Gupta, Electrician Trainer

Prateek Gupta, Electrician Trainer, has been working in skill development space for the past seven years. After passing his B.Tech, he was once tutoring a bunch of Polytechnic aspirants, that’s when he instantly knew, Teaching is the best profession he can be in. “The kind of relationship one develops with students is not something that can be measured. What can I possibly do with the abundance of knowledge that I carry? It’s no use unless I share it.” He narrates the best part of being a trainer was. “People from my hometown were not aware of free skill development courses offered by the Government, so making them aware about such courses and ensuring that they enrolled for the various courses, has been the best phase of my life. I have also become a role-model for the people in my hometown.”

Teachers or Trainers, you make a difference in the life of every student you teach, and on this Teacher’s Day, we want to celebrate each one of you!

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