Introducing India Skills Online Portal for anytime, anywhere skilling


Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), on the first anniversary of Skill India on 15th July 2016, announced the launch of India Skills Online Portal Launched in collaboration with National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC), this is an online platform to learn various skills at a place and time as per your convenience. The portal is a major step towards using digital technology to reach millions of job aspirants, on-the-job trainees and skill students in India.

With the introduction India Skills Online Portal,  complete online skill-learning environment, the whole nation potentially becomes a classroom. The audio-video graphical illustrations format will help internalize the concepts for the skill-seekers, faster and longer. Online, the hard skills are supported by soft skill learning opportunities that help candidates become more confident, presentable, professionals. Skill India resolves to bridge the digital divide by providing basic digital literacy opportunities to all skill-seekers. Thus enabling them to become more aware, and better suited for the work environment of the day.

The web skilling opportunities, come coupled with the convenience of learning and practicing the skill-nuggets with the convenience of a mobile app. Thus increasing the accessibility, availability and personalization options in skilling.

Commenting on the launch of Indiaskills Online, Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship said, “preparing oneself for the targeted place of work is the way to ensure one’s skills get demonstrated and accepted without the environmental and circumstantial hurdles. Language and cultural nuances of the place of work help overcome such issues, and allows one to focus on application of skills, and thus be able to shine at the workplace, doing India proud. IndiaSkills will be that one platform that will ensure ease of skill training for all.”

Free courses on India Skills Online Portal:

  • Domain specific, Qualification Pack aligned courses – to enhance the skills learnt in the classroom, with audio-video illustrations, examples and exercises
  • Soft Skills courses – to become better professionals, with tips on time management, team work, customer orientation etc
  • Language courses – to learn the language in use at the place of work, and thus make an effort to win over the new co-workers, understand instructions better. This equips skill-seekers with a very important survival skill for a new region. Eg Learning English using Hindi, Learning Arabic using Hindi, Learning Arabic using English etc.
  • Culture orientation course of another country/region – to understand and internalize the dos and don’ts at the new place of work, and to save oneself of any unpleasant experiences in a new country/ region
  • Digital Literacy course –  covering Basic IT, to familiarise oneself with fundamentals of working with a PC, internet, email etc.
  • Entrepreneurship course – to understand attributes of a successful entrepreneur, covering self-employment options, planning to execution

This news article is presented with inputs from NSDC and a press release from MSDE.


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