Indo-Global Skills Summit & Expo on Skills, Startups and Entrepreneurship


National Skills Network – NSN is the official online media partner for the upcoming event “INDO-GLOBAL SKILLS SUMMIT & EXPO 2017 on Skills, Startups and Entrepreneurship” scheduled to be held at the following locations: The Lalit, Mumbai (July 17), Taj Deccan, Hyderabad (July 19), Taj Coromandel, Chennai (July 22), The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru (July 24), The Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata (July 26), and The Lalit, New Delhi (July 28). The summit is organized in partnership with Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) and Skill India Mission.

The Summit will focus on the present skill ecosystem, map it against the future trends, identify the skills required for jobs and give a new definition to the skilling ecosystem. The Summit & Expo will closely observe and support the collaboration between universities and industries for skills development; the generation, acquisition, and adoption of knowledge (innovation and technology transfer); and aid in the promotion of entrepreneurship through start-ups and spin-offs.

Indus Skill Summit 2017The Indus Foundation is a registered non-profit trust dedicated to the promotion of higher education in India. One of the main missions of the Foundation is to help create collaborations with foreign universities and universities in India. They help students get quality education across borders. It is dedicated to promote skill development and entrepreneurship in our country.

Summit highlights

  • Most comprehensive Summit & Expo on skills, startups and entrepreneurship in India
  • Biggest networking event for leaders in education, business and industry
  • Convergence of who is who of the business, industry and NGO sectors
  • Major Sessions on academic collaborations with foreign institutions
  • Important Sessions on skill development and academe-industry collaboration
  • Exploration of opportunities for startups and entrepreneurship
  • Attendance of several thousand students interested in skills and startups
  • Expo on skill development programs, startups and entrepreneurship
  • Awards for excellence to individuals, institutions, business, industry and NGOs
  • Extensive media (print & electronic) coverage for the Summit & Expo

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Why you should participate in the summit : Benefits

Academic Collaborations

Establishment of research collaboration programs with foreign institutions.
Collaborations with foreign institutions for offering career-oriented certificate programs.
Collaborations with foreign institutions for offering distance education & vocational education programs.
Networking with overseas counterparts and learning about cutting edge techniques and processes.

Skill Development

Identification of the futuristic jobs of the international and domestic job markets.
Identification of the challenges and re-engineering of the skills ecosystem.
Deliberations on the technological advancements and identification of skill sets required.
Identification of skill gaps and development of skill transition programs.

Academia and Industry Collaboration

Integration of skills with education for developing training programs.
Adoption of knowledge for innovation and technology transfer.
Opportunities for the promotion of Startups and Entrepreneurship.
Commercialization of Research and Development (R & D).

Startups And Entrepreneurship

Opportunities for setting up innovation laboratories and startup cells.
Opportunities for starting courses on Startups and Entrepreneurship.
Exploration of opportunities for “frugal innovation”.

Student Recruitment

Showcasing opportunities for skill development and other training programs.
Counseling students about appropriate skill development and other training programs.
Recruitment of qualified students for skill development and other training programs.

Awards for Excellence

Opportunity to apply for the prestigious awards for excellence.
Winners recognized for the advancement of skills, startups, and entrepreneurship.

General Benefits

Building brand awareness at the Summit & Expo amongst stakeholders.
Networking with other corporations, recruiters and professionals.

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