Women leaders, change makers and facilitators in skill space in India – Part 1


Dr K. Deepamala, Head – Development Initiatives, Confederation of Indian Industry – CII, Southern Region

Deepamala_CIIBE BOLD FOR CHANGE:  Bold means different to each of us. It looks different in every context and country. But what we do know is that for women to get ahead, they have to stand out, move beyond the expected norms and   be visible and noticeable for their ideas and accomplishments to bring that change, we always talk about.

In predominantly male dominated business environments, men typically understand and identify with the characteristics of being bold: assertiveness, confidence and risk taking, though women have great potential and multitasking capabilities to achieve great results.

Women in India, a country that stands 4th when the world talks about the Most Dangerous Countries for women in the world, a country with 100 million women are estimated to be involved in trafficking, where 50 million girls are missing due to female infanticide and foeticide and where 44.5% are still victim of discrimination, sexual assault and child marriage, is also a country that finds a section of women playing a dual-career (parenting and professional) challenges, balancing and managing the roles with an ease and breaking away from stereotypes and biases and becoming inclusive across all walks of organizational behaviours. Such traits and skills open up a wider area for the women to take up the responsibility and set their own rules and be their own boss and taste the success.

Women’s day is not about dedicating just another day for women but it’s about celebrating women of today and their achievements. Such a day is about commitment, transparency and action. While these steps may seems difficult for some but if you want to be a change, start from here, and start right now. Surely a right balance can be struck to appeal the Change you want in your Life. Be Bold to take the Change.

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