Women leaders, change makers and facilitators in skill space in India – Part 2


Anita Rajan, CEO, Tata STRIVE

Anita Rajan Tata StriveIndian culture epitomises women as “Shakti” which means “power” and “strength”. This ancient wisdom has great relevance in today’s world, both in our personal and professional lives. There is a need to re-awaken this consciousness in women. There is a need to bring in an awareness of their own strengths and how these can be leveraged to help find themselves a more equitable role in society.

Our national focus should start with women education with 100% success and should graduate towards development of their skills. World Bank data shows that even a 10 per cent increase in Female Labour Force Participation can boost GDP by 0.3 percent, in India however FLFP has reduced to 27 percent. We need to find new and flexible ways that allow women to balance their responsibilities at home and work. Home and neighbourhood models of entrepreneurship, flexible working hours, HR policies that allow women to continue their professional learnings during critical periods of their lives like childbirth, are strategies to have more women participation.   

At Tata STRIVE we have an ambitious target to on board 50% women trainees across our various skill development programmes. These areas will include traditional service sectors as well as non-traditional technical courses, we would like to break the mental and social barriers that prevent them from taking on such roles. We are also extremely keen to work with communities to develop entrepreneurship models that allow women to work from home or close to home.

I am of the view that women are naturally gifted with qualities of compassion, emotional intelligence and unique leadership qualities. They are the unsung ‘champions’ in society. This Women’s day let’s celebrate ‘feminity’ by helping women unleash their strength and power.

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