The fascinating journeys of WorldSkills participants from India: A snapshot


With the support and best wishes from all over India, our World Skills participants are all set to excel in their respective skills competitions. Their happiness can be gauged from their excitement in making it to the global stage by crossing many hurdles and overcoming many challenges to reach the milestone.

Let’s look into their journey so far and appreciate their hard work and dedication to persevere and shine throughout local, regional and national levels. Kazan, Russia is hosting the globally renowned skill-based competition, World Skills 2019, from August 22 to 27. A total of 48 participants from 17 different states will represent India in different skill competitions. We interviewed some of the participants to find out their experience throughout the competition. Their journey so far is really inspiring and all of us can learn so much from their stories.

Abhishek A N - WorldSkills 2019 participantAbhishek A N, Age 20 years, Prototype Modelling

“I am from Karnataka, and I am representing India in Prototype Modelling. My expert is Mr Bhasker Singh. I am from Toyota. I was interested in modelling from the beginning. After my high secondary, I directly joined Toyota for an apprenticeship. I completed my 3 years course and I came to know about the World Skills competition. Competing through all the levels I reached here. I went to Japan for my training and went to Brazil as well. I went to Russia for Russia Nationals. My family, as well as all the trainers in Toyota, are very supportive. I got good support from NSDC and ASDC for training in Prototype Modelling.” Read more about Abhishek’s journey.

Abinash Swain - WorldSkills 2019 participantAbinash Swain, Age 21 years, CNC Turning

“I am from Odisha. My skill is CNC Turning. After completing my 10th I did ITI for 2 years and I did a one-year course in CTTC. After the completion of the job, I started working in the production department of CTTC. During my job, I came to know about this skill competition. I practiced really hard for this competition at Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM). As the medium is going to be different in the world skills it was a little difficult to learn all the new things. My family and my expert K Vijay Kumar are very supportive.”

Divya Godse - WorldSkills 2019 participantDivya Umesh Godse, Age 22 years, Information Network Cabling

“I was pursuing my Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication. I did a short training with BSNL for 15 days, and TSSC contacted one of my teachers for a wild card entry at the regional level. Then, I got through the national level. We don’t have many participants in this field because it requires a lot of physical strength. We have only 15 competitors and only 3 countries are sending girls. My trainer is Desai and I am from Pune. I moved to Mumbai for the training for a month. It was simultaneously done along with my degree. We had a workshop organized by NSDC.  We were trained in Yoga and meditation. It helped me throughout my training. My trainer, family and friends motivated me, sharing my posts on social media. I want to share my experience with people and spend as much time as possible to create awareness about skilling.”

Govind Kumar Sonkar - WorldSkills 2019 participantGovind Kumar Sonkar, Age 21 years, Car Painting

“I am from Kanpur, Uttarpradesh. I am representing India in Car Painting. I was working with Maruti dealership. They registered my name for this competition. I completed all the levels to reach here. Maruti is providing me with training. I am feeling wonderful to represent my country in World Skills and will definitely win a medal there.” Read more about Govind’s journey.

The fascinating journeys of WorldSkills participants from India: A snapshot

Md Ramjan Momin -- WorldSkills 2019 participantMd. Ramjan Momin, Age 22 years, Bricklaying

“I am from West Bengal. I am representing India in Bricklaying. Before this, I was working in a company called ATS in Delhi. I was working as a Bricklayer and there I came to know about this skill competition. After a short training, I competed in the regional competition, state level and then participated in India skills. The journey was not easy but it was exciting. Mr Jay Prakash is my expert. I am ready for World skills. After the competition, I will continue my job and will provide training to people who want to learn this skill.”

Medha Devgan -- WorldSkills 2019 participantMedha Devgan, Age 22 years, Fashion Technology.

“I am from Ludhiana. I was getting trained at Patna National Institute of Fashion Technology. That’s when I got to know about the competition and this is the only opportunity to represent my country. I won at the state and regional and national levels then I came to Delhi and I’ve been trained here for 6 months. In fashion there are different designs, I’ve taken advice from different people and Dr Monica Gupta is my expert. I am trained in different modules. My parents are very supportive. I hadn’t met them for quite some time, and they came to Delhi and my cousins are sharing my posts on social media.”

Sanjoy Pramanik - WorldSkills 2019 participantSanjoy Pramanik, Age 21 years, Jewellery

I am from West Bengal. I am representing India in Jewellery making. I belong to a middle-class family. I couldn’t be able to complete my studies. I came to know about the skill competition through one of my relatives. I learned to make jewellery from him for 3 years. People are very supportive, and they helped me a lot to reach here. Anupam Karmakar is my expert. I am really happy that I am representing India. I love to explore new things. So, I was in class 8th and I simply started making jewellery in the uncle’s shop. Then, I gradually learned all the other designs we can make with our hands like with diamonds and other gemstones. Currently, I am designing and manufacturing jewellery on my own. In the future, I want to use my jewellery making skill to open my own shop and I want to help the children coming from a financially challenged background.

Vaidehi Pant -- WorldSkills 2019 participantVaidehi Pant, Age 19 years, Restaurant Service

I am from Uttarakhand. I am going to represent India in Restaurant Service. I am pursuing my graduatiuon from the Institute of Hotel Management. I have been trained there for 20 months. I have been preparing every single day focusing on little details. It’s not been a completely easy journey so far. I had to compete with a lot of different people, within my college and then all over India. It’d definitely very overwhelming to represent India and I feel proud about it. My expert is Mr Anil Kumar Goyal. He’s been there throughout, as supportive as ever, sharing his knowledge with me. He’s never made me feel alone in this entire journey. My family is quite understanding. Many people are supporting me on social media. I would like to create more awareness about the skills in this domain even after the competition gets over.

Xenophon Das - WorldSkills 2019 participantXenophon Das, Age 22 years, M-CAD

I am from Odisha, and I am representing India in M-CAD. I pursued a mechanical engineering diploma in CTTC. I am currently a post-diploma student in CTTC and doing a course in tool and die making. It is an exciting moment to represent India in world skills. I am confident and well-prepared to win a medal for my country in the competition. My family is quite supportive throughout the journey, and I am thankful for their support.

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