Introducing GOVET – the German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training


Govet_germany_vocational_trainingGermany has a well-founded dual VET system, based on the collective efforts of state, trade and industry and social partners. The mutually beneficial system – which has evolved over a long time – is now often seen as a model across nations and across actors from government, industry, social partners and VET providers. While devising policies for skilling and Vocational Education and Training (VET) or making amendments to existing schemes or programs, many countries and VET actors look upon Germany as a source of inspiration.

To meet the requirements of increased demand for guidance on specific questions regarding dual VET, the German government has mandated GOVET – the German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training to serve as the official gateway to the German dual VET system and its actors.

GOVET was established in 2013 as part of the strategy of the Federal Government to further strengthen Germany’s international cooperation in Vocational Education and Training (VET). The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has the technical and legal supervision. GOVET can be contacted for any question around the German dual VET system and German international cooperation in VET through the website. Many questions are answered in the online products (presentations, films, official documents) which are available online.

GOVET - German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training

Services and Products

GOVET is the main point of contact for international VET cooperation stakeholders from all over the world. In 2019 alone 60 delegations (over 600 persons in total) from more than 60 countries have been received and advised by GOVET and in total 621 enquiries from 87 countries were answered.

GOVET collects information regarding new and ongoing vocational training cooperation activities of the Federal Government and makes them available.

In its function as one-stop shop for international VET cooperation GOVET

  • provides guidance regarding the German Dual VET system
  • answers enquiries from abroad on German Dual VET and VET cooperation
  • provides tools (e.g. translated training regulations and glossaries), presentations and films
  • informs about current developments and challenges regarding international VET cooperation
  • advises foreign state actors
  • connects German and foreign institutions
  • receives and advises delegations from all over the world

Online Resources

On the website, GOVET provides various documents and tools for the work of stakeholders in international VET cooperation. The tools are free of charge.


You can find PowerPoint presentations on core topics of German Dual VET on the GOVET website:

  • Dual VET in Germany
  • Stakeholders of the German VET system
  • VET staff
  • Dual VET: costs and benefits aspects
  • Legal framework of VET in Germany


How does German Dual VET work? How can the quality of training be improved? And why is action orientation an important principle of vocational training in Germany?  GOVET provides explanatory and educational films on dual vocational training. Moreover, you can learn more about international cooperation in VET and gain insights into projects.  The films can be accessed via the GOVET website ( and GOVET’s YouTube channels . Playlists bundle all films that are available in the respective languages.

Data Sheets

GOVET provides data sheets regarding Dual VET that are available in 10 different languages: 

Glossaries and Translations

On the GOVET website you can find translated documents like VET glossaries and terminologies as well as translations of selected training regulations and framework curricula:

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