Landing a job post skill-based training, these candidates feel positive about career growth and better incomes


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A number of youth trained under various skill development programs by the ASTP members are successfully placed in jobs. For most of them the jobs have helped their families with decent incomes. While getting employed is definitely an achievement, it is equally pertinent to understand their career aspirations, job satisfaction and challenges they face at the workplace. We spoke with some of the candidates trained by IndiaCan, S B Global, Brainware, TMI and Gram Tarang to capture their stories of dreams, challenges and hard work as they define their goals for their future in the industry.

Dimple works as a Sales Executive at Whirlpool in Karnal and is happy with her job and salary. She feels IndiaCan’s training has been helpful in executing her job. “The challenge is in convincing the customers and comparing brand qualities. My job is quite interesting and I would like to continue working in this field and enroll for an MBA in order to improve my growth and income prospects”, says Dimple.

Parbina echoes her experience when she says, “my job involves making pizza, salad, sandwich, soup etc. The training and practicals have helped me in understanding my job and work environment better by grooming me as a thorough professional.”  Though Parbina is happy being a Kitchen Crew member at Neopoliton Pizza in Vadodara after getting trained at IndiaCan, she wants to work hard for career growth and better income.

Pinki Kumari handles Reception and Counselling at MPTA Education at Ranchi.  IndiaCan’s skill-based training has helped her in getting the job but she would like to grow by taking bigger responsibilities and says, “I would like to continue my studies and I am currently enrolled for M.A from IGNOU. I am very thankful to my seniors for being cooperative and helpful. Nevertheless, I feel the salary should be higher than what I am getting now.”

In the job roles pertaining to computer operations in the retail sector, Emanuel Tudu who was trained at IndiaCan, now works as Data Entry Operator, at Myntra, Bangalore. Whenever any new product comes in the warehouse, he is responsible for making an entry of the item into the system so that it will be visible on the website. For him, the main challenge is to be more attentive in ensuring that the expired products are not entered in the system. He is happy with the supportive staff and also feels good with the overtime amount he is paid. “I would like to give my 100% to the current job as I believe hard work is the key to success. I want to study further to improve my career prospects by being close to my native place. The salary could be increased considering my workload”, says Emanuel.

Kanchan is a Computer Operator at Hero Agencies, Kalka. Her job includes distributing tokens for bike services and ensuring that the customer gets proper solutions for their problems. Though she is satisfied with her job and salary, she says, “when I started here I couldn’t adjust to the work environment, but now, with experience I have learned to accept the challenges and find solutions.” She feels the training at IndiaCan has helped her and she would like to continue this job to achieve her targets and work towards her career growth.

For Shahina, a TeleCaller at Eben Telecom, Ernakulam, the job pays her well and keeps her on her toes to meet the targets. The training from S B Global has helped in performing her job role and she would like to continue as this job gives her a wonderful platform and great prospects for building her career and improve her income.

After completing his training at Brainware, Arjun Mallik works as a Field Technician- Air Conditioner at G.S. Computel Pvt. Ltd. His job involves repairing the ACs, generating the AMC and filling the log sheets and reporting on daily work status. Voicing the need for continuous learning he says, “the training was good but, since new things come up as technology keeps changing, it is a challenge to learn the latest and trouble shoot problems. I feel it would be better if 2 or 3 job roles can be combined to make the students more market ready as employers prefer those who can solve different kind of problems and be more efficient.” His seniors help him in performing some difficult tasks and he wants to continue in this job if the growth and salary is good and meets his aspirations.Beeriah, trained by TMI, got placed in the role of Field Technician- Air Conditioner at Samsung, Secunderabad. He is generally entrusted with new AC installations, but sometimes, he faces new challenges in repairing the AC systems. Beeriah’s dream is to be become entrepreneur as he says, “I would like to work for at least 3 years in the current company and gain experience in the domain. My future plans include opening my own AC service center in my native place so that I can provide training and job opportunities to others.”

Ajay Rana is employed as a Bending Machine Operator at Western Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. after completing his training at Gram Tarang. His job role involves support in production of refrigeration systems. Expressing his gratitude to trainers and supervisors he says, “initially, I faced challenges but with the on- the- job training from my supervisor, I am confident and I enjoy my work. I want to continue working in this company as it meets my aspirations and career goals.” Though, in his current assignment he is getting a good stipend, Ajay feels with more experience he will get better roles in the same company and he can grow his career and salary.

A common thread that runs through the stories of all the candidates is that of grit and determination to deliver their best and prepare for future challenges in emerging job roles. It is also evident that all of them are aware of the need for continuous learning to update their knowledge and skills. With latest developments in technology and digital interventions in almost every job, it may be necessary to re-look at the definition of the job and its training curriculum to meet the dynamic industry requirements. And, for better satisfaction, the salary for few job roles can be reviewed to match the nature of work and the desired outcomes.

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