Jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities in 5 Green Industry sectors 


You are eating ice cream on a blazing summer afternoon. As soon as you finish eating the ice cream, what would you think if I say you can eat the spoon too? How? You’d ask. Well, if you ask Bakeys, a green start up, they’ll show you the wafer spoons and forks they make. Several companies have now begun to work on innovative ideas like replacing plastic with greener, eco friendly products. They have prioritised sustainability and are committed to conserve our environment. This not only upscales environment sustainability, but also creates employment on a large scale.

The green industry has laid several unconventional paths for youngsters and nature enthusiasts to travel in. Being a relatively new industry, it offers great potential that harnesses skilling and employment. The sector offers a wide variety of jobs under five exciting sectors; renewable energy, water management, solid waste management, e-waste management and green construction. Have a look at each of these intriguing green fields and the interesting and new opportunities they present.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector is currently seeing a lot of advancement in terms of employability, given to its potent Numerous organisations have started to take up projects involving renewable energy. Many successful companies based on solar technology systems are bringing clean energy to homes and businesses and making solar energy accessible to people in both urban and rural areas.

Water Management

Water management and waste water treatment have always been a top notch priority in our country. Not one city in India has 24/7 supply, including metro cities like Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. The lack of effective management techniques is a serious issue that must be tackled along with wastewater treatment. As an effort to tackle these challenges, a whole load of new employment opportunities have come up in this sector. These jobs require certain skills to be employed, in order to channel focus on improving the quality of water in a cost and time effective manner.

Jobs and entrepreneurship in green industry sectors


Solid Waste Management

The solid waste management sector in India always provided a ground for innovative ideas. If you are brimming with fresh ideas and are looking for a place to give them shape, this industry is the right place for you. This sector is gaining wide popularity in the rural areas since the past decade. Being a sector heavily dependent on vocational skills, it attracts the attention of MSMEs, organisations that are skill based.

E- waste management

Have you ever wondered what happened to those earplugs you threw away? Or that old DVD player you do not use anymore? We all buy and discard electronics and gadgets quite frequently. What happens to these electronics once discarded? The e – waste sector in India deals with the collection, accumulation and recycling of the annually generated e – waste.  Several e management companies have already come up and are strategically building connections with the top electronic firms. The employability of this particular sector calls for skilled job seekers.

Green Construction

We all see vertical gardens and green buildings on our way to work. India’s green construction has advanced measurably. Not just in urban areas, green construction is making its way to the two and three tier cities as well. A lot of new job roles and fields like sustainable architecture are coming up. Most of the upcoming companies and real estate agencies, aware of the importance of sustainability, are focusing more on green construction. This kind of synergy between the construction sector and the green industry has given a real boost to the employment creation.

The green jobs sector has a wide spectrum of job opportunities that would give your career a boost. Applying to them is easy too. If you are passionate about nature, believe in conservation and sustainability, and want to build passionate career, green jobs are your way to go! If you think you possess the requisite skills and will be a great fit in the green industry, apply to a green job right away.

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