Give a missed call to participate in “Joining Specialist Campaign” by Fronius India Pvt Ltd


Welding is an integral part of manufacturing. It has a great future and promises a great career option for the youth in India. However, welding is not perceived as a job for the highly-qualified. It is seen as a low-level job. Contrary to the popular perception, welding is neither dusty nor dirty; it is more of a clean and clever job. When done with utmost passion, it energises all your senses, where one can see, smell, hear, and touch. With an aim to enhance the aspirational value of this profession by portraying welding as a glamorous field, Fronius India Pvt Ltd has started a “Joining Specialist” campaign. 

All you need to do is to give a missed call to participate in the “Joining Specialist Campaign” by Fronius India Pvt Ltd

Welders are not socially well recognized despite the importance of what they do. This is one of the factors why people don’t choose welding as a profession. The “Joining Specialists” campaign will help in changing this perspective of people towards welding and welders. Fronius India will create a pool of Joining Specialists in order to organize and address their needs in a platform.

How the campaign will benefit the welding industry 

  • The welders will be addressed as “Joining Specialist”.
  • The Knowledge upgradation is not there for them which will be provided through monthly free training from our all regional office.
  • Fronius will drive safety and its importance to the Group and also provide technical tips to them for solving their daily problems.
  • Quality will be the most important thing for India to be a manufacturing hub. For this, using the latest technology is important.
  • Best (welders) “Joining Specialist Competition” will be conducted to find and encourage the right talent.
  • The regional teams will interact with the welders in their local languages to extend “HELPLINE” in solving any welding issues.
  • Free Welding Apps / Games/ Quiz will be provided for them to understand and upgrade technology.

“Joining Specialist Campaign”Who are eligible?

  • Anyone who is doing welding ( MMAW/GMAW/GTAW- Manual or Robotic or SPM)
  • Students of ITI & Welding Vocational Training Institutes
  • Who are Qualified or Experienced Welders ( Joining Specialist) No Qualification Limitations)
  • Who are working in Private or Government organization & Also the ones Searching for Job
  • Who are the users of Fronius Machines and also the other make machines
  • Robotic Welding Operators
  • Male & Female ( No Gender Limitations)

How the registration process works

  • Fronius has tied up with Vodafone for giving missed call Number Service
  • Once you dial the Number 7887812025 within the two rings it gets registered and disconnected.
  • You get one SMS with an URL of Google form Link –
  • Then you can register their Basic details Like: Name, DOB, City, Email etc.

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These Join Specialists should get their deserved respect and recognition. It is high time the perspective of people toward welding and welders should change. Through this campaign, Fronius is trying to make welding aspirational by doing so. 


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