Kemppi organizes National Best Welder Competition for Women


Welding industry in India has been attracting women welders, albeit in small number. Most of the women in India and in other parts of the world for a long time have been made to believe that welding and other manufacturing jobs are not for them. This notion prevailed for ages because the environment in welding jobs was associated with dust, darkness and danger. Kemppi has broken the glass ceiling for women to enter into this profession.

Kemppi has transformed welding workstations to pleasing environments. Thanks to the advancements in welding technology, more women in taking up welding jobs and in addressing the cultural and gender gap that has been there in the field. The Indian welding industry is also taking up measure to make it inclusive of women by incentivizing them. With advancements in technology, higher salaries, safer environment, and other national level competitions which recognise the talent and skill among women who weld, welding becomes an exciting career for women motivating many women to join.

kemppi_organizes_national_best_welder_competition_for_womenKemppi organizes National Best Welder Competition for Women

With the aim of encouraging more women into welding, Kemppi India and NextGen Plasma in association with the Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India) are holding the “National Best Welder Competition for Women”. The competition is held every year as an initiative towards inspiring and enhancing the skill of woman welders across India. The National Best Welder Competition for Women is held under the categories of Best Structural Welder, Best Pipe Welder and Best Student Welder.

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kemppi_women_in_weldingThis year the competition will be held in 4 major cities, each catering to a region. The cities are, Pune in Western Region, Delhi in Northern Region, Kolkata in Eastern Region and Chennai in Southern Region. Applications for the Western and Northern region are closed, even the competition in the Western Region has been well organised and turned out to be a great success being a paradigm of motivational event for the women welders. However, it’s still open for the southern region.

  • Last date for receiving applications for competition to be held in Chennai it is 9-11-2019. The National Final Competition for all the above categories will be held on 6th December, 2019 in Chennai.
  • The Winners of the competition for each category will be awarded with prize and certificate during the IIW International Congress (IC 2020) on 6th of February 2020, at Mumbai.
  • Also, winners from different categories will be eligible for direct entry to the National Skill Competition for Best of the Best Welders – 2019, to be held in Mumbai during 13th and 14thof December 2019, subject to fulfilment of certain requirements

To find out more about the competition please go through the brochure below.

Download the brochure: Kemppi organizes National Best Welder Competition for Women – Click here to download


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