Logistics and Supply Chain: An industry walkthrough at Gati Ltd


Today online shopping has become inevitable due to many reasons. We receive our orders at our doorstep on time with proper packaging. While the process of ordering and receiving parcels might seem easy, a lot of effort and hard work goes behind every parcel that we receive. Understanding how logistics industry works and the team of skilled people who make it work assumes great importance.

Team NSN visited Gati Ltd, Hyderabad, a major service provider in the Indian Logistics sector to get a first-hand experience how the industry works. Gati operates through different operational units (OUs). We had the privilege to visit one of the OUs of Gati, Hyderabad that handles all the inbound and outbound operations.

Gati Operational Unit – A Walk Through

The experience of visiting the shop floor was unique and we got to learn a lot. We had a really enthusiastic and friendly trainer Mr Sainath as our guide for the day. He explained to us all the processes very clearly keeping in mind that we were very new to all the processes.  He gave us a tour of the actual shop floor of the warehouse, which was a unique experience in itself. We witnessed the actual hard work and the processes that go behind each and every timely and proper delivery.

We had a chance to interact with the floor managers and supervisors, who were engrossed into completing all the loading and unloading work of the consignments. While taking a tour on the floor, one of the supervisors introduced us to his team and explained to us how they work in three different shifts and how they organize the consignments in the truck so that it will be easier to follow the First In First Out (FIFO) order of unloading.

logistics_and_supply_chain_an_industry_walkthrough_at_gati_ltdHow Gati handles mishaps and emergencies

Out of curiosity when we asked them about the safety of the packages while on the road, Mr Sainath showed us how they make sure that no mishandling happens with the packages. He explained to us how they handle any mishaps and vehicle breakdowns. They also take care of their drivers as they provide two drivers to drive alternatives on long routes. They make sure that their drivers are well aware about any possible threats on the road.

Gati logistics and supply chain services and the use of latest technologies

Sainath Avaan Gati HyderabadGati uses all the latest technologies like smart scanners to scan all the packages which make their work easiest and save a lot of time. Mr Sainath explained to us how they recognize the packages and told us about the package number and docket number. Docket number is unique for all the packages and very important for recognizing the consignments.

We also met with two very senior managers who briefed us about all the technologies that are being used. Sharing his view on technologies taking over the jobs of humans, one of the senior managers said, “technology may advance. However, manual work will always be there. So there is no need for people to be scared of technological advancements. Humans and robots can co-exist.”

avaan_gati_academyThey use different online applications for different purposes starting from booking to delivery of the package. The delivery persons update the delivery status on time. If for some reason the package is not delivered then it will be back to the Surface Transit Center (STC). They provide online booking following technological advancement. Customers can also track their shipments status online.

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Gati Ltd is one of the leading service providers in the logistics industry in India. They have many international and leading brands like Amazon, Flipkart and other big e-commerce as their clients.  Gati delivers to 19000 PIN codes out of 25000 PIN codes in India and they are trying to expand their reach.

The industrial visit gave us a clear idea how much hard work goes behind those fast and professional deliveries. We were enlightened with all that new information. In future whenever we order something,  we will definitely visualize the processes behind the on time delivery. And will make sure to say a big Thanks to the delivery person who will deliver our package.

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