MasterCoach Certification from Quest Alliance: A Report on the Ahmedabad Certification Ceremony


MasterCoach Program has certified 71 trainers in 4 years who work in NGO’s, ITI’s and Vocational training centers in Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. It is supported by 11 organizations in the above states. MasterCoach combines the power of experiential and online learning, to build a teacher’s capacity to teach better. The 4 modules focus on the thinking, doing and being enabling a teacher to create meaningful learning experiences. MasterCoach is designed to support trainers & educators carve their professional growth by building skills, peer network and access to teaching tools that are unique and can be customised to support different learning environments.

MasterCoach Cohort 3, certification ceremony on 7th May in Ahmedabad was hosted with Jan Vikas Alumni Connect

On 7th May 2017, MasterCoach Cohort from Ahmedabad celebrated Certification Ceremony has been held in presence of Quest Alliance’s staff, partner organizations and trainer network and over 100 young alumnis of Jan Vikas.

master coach quest allianceAll the MasterCoach trainers were awarded with MasterCoach Program completion certificate and overall feedback from their performance on the course. A total of 24 trainers from various parts of Gujarat & Maharashtra were in this program. They work as trainers with organizations such as Jan Vikas, JSS Motors, Saath, Aga Khan Rural Program, HDRC and Leprosy Mission.

master coach quest alliance15 Months, 20 weeks and 4 day residential workshop: a trainer enrolled in MasterCoach spends about 5-6 hours per week to complete the 4 modules. After a 4 day workshop organized locally within your institution or region of your choice, the rest of the course is online – that allows for anytime, anywhere learning.

The program is aimed at empowering trainers and educators with skills for 21st Century Classroom Management Skills and bring better learning outcomes for their institution. The program is designed from 4 lenses:

  • ‘So each may learn’ – Different students learn differently. This lense equips a teachers to design for diversity, shifting the idea of ‘classroom as a group’ to ‘classroom as a community’ that wants to learn together. There is a high emphasis on values & classroom culture.
  • So each may engage’ – Different students process learning & respond to learning differently – doing, being and thinking. What can those responses look like? How is a ‘doing’ student different from an ‘observing’ student?
  • ‘So each may contribute’ – Equipping a teacher with skills & tools that encourage students to own their learning. Through carefully designed activities, that are age appropriate, students become ‘active contributors’ to this learning process.

master coach quest alliance 2The modules are a planned journey for a teacher to uncover various theories, tools and activities designed for a 21st century classroom.

What some of our MasterCoach Trainers had to say?

Sonal Chudasama , Trainer, Aga Khan Rural Program, Gadu, Gujarat

“I was not aware about her hidden skills, but after completion of course, I am now well equipped with all the require skills & became very confident. At centre also people are asking her & taking advice before initiation of new things. I am very thankful to Quest Alliance & Master Coach Program”.

Yash Arora, Trainer, JSS Motors, Alwar, Rajasthan

I am inspired by self-Module. So after joining this program my life goal is totally changed. I have promised as a Master Coach & youth that in this age many things are going on in our mind but not aware about specific goal. I will give my best and guide at every stage to grow in a better way to his learners.”

Dharmendra Vasava, Trainer, Aga Khan Rural program, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

“Earlier I was a student at AKRSPI Dediyapada centre, after completion of S2S I appeared in interview and selected as a facilitator, it was a big achievement of my life. Before joining MC, I felt I knows everything, not wanted to join Master Coach but with encouragement and motivation of Program Manager, I joined the program. After completion of the program, I learnt lots of new things which I was not aware about before. And I promised, I will help and guide my students from starting to end of the Quest Alliance Skills to Succeed program S2S course.”

Chandrakant, Leprosy Mission Trust India, Nasik

“I promise to build confidence and guide young people to make their life better. I am giving attention individually to each and every student and promise to take them at the same platform where they want to be”.

Requirements to enrol in MasterCoach: 1) basic proficiency in english, 2) minimum one year of training experience and 3) 6 hours of internet access in a week. The offline and online modules are built on the principles of experiential learning. It is designed to take participants on an intense deep journey and an outward journey where they regain their professional identity as a community and access to peer network.

The main modules of MasterCoach are:

Module 1: Understanding myself as a trainer

About the Module: Imagine a classroom led by an uninspired & disengaged teacher? This module focuses on the self taking participants on journey to reflect & practice one’s values, leadership skills and embracing their own uniqueness as a teacher. A confident, self aware teacher can build valuable relationships with his/her classroom and strengthen the learning process for all stakeholders.

Module 2: Understanding your student

About the Module: From the teacher, this module shifts focus on the learner. The module is specifically designed to support teacher to understand the learner deeply. It creates an opportunity to reflect on one’s own mindsets & biases as a teacher – which is very critical to classrooms in India where there is incredible diversity of social, religious, cultural & economic backgrounds of learners.

Module 3: How can trainers practice 21st century upgraded methodologies in classroom?

About the Module: This module brings attention to the concept of student centered learning. It presents before us the facilitation continuum comprising of teacher centered learning on one end and student centered learning on the other. We will map specific teaching learning methodologies on the continuum. We will be deep diving into some of the strategies trying to understand them better and applying them in our classrooms.

Objectives of MasterCoach

  • Participants understand their potential and development needs
  • Participants learn techniques and access tools to refine their facilitation skills for effective learning
  • Participants become a part of a facilitator community wherein they can seek help and feedback of experts and peers
  • Participants learn to build their professional identity and draw a career path
  • Participants get a competitive edge by being up-to-date with various training methods
  • Participants experience and learn new perspectives on training and mentorship

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