New Country, New Job: A tete-a-tete with TITP Candidates at IL&FS Skills


Driven by passion, Manisha and Sanjana, the first students from Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) batch, IL&FS Skills have finally landed themselves a job in Japan, a dream they have been nurturing ever since they left school.

Manisha aged 23, is from Rewari, Haryana, and Sanjana aged 22, is from Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand. They had enrolled for the caregiver course at IL&FS Institute of Skills in October 2018. They have completed their course, interned for a month at a premium old age home in Gurgaon and are currently undergoing a pre-departure training. They will soon be flying out of the country to the land of the rising sun.

Foreseeing the path, they are about to tread, there is no sign of fear when you talk to them, as opposed to what the interviewer may think; they exude vitality, confidence and an assurance that their path is well-defined. In conversation with these two powerhouses.

What made you take up the TITP program?

Manisha – After my 12th, I did not want to take the route my friends were taking i.e. obtain a bachelor’s degree and then take a job. I have always wanted to do something different. So, I took up Japanese Language. After studying Japanese, I had a wish to not to just visit the country but experience the culture too. That’s why I enrolled myself in the TITP Program because it was befitting all the criteria that I had in my mind for myself.

Sanjana – My father was the one who suggested me to opt for the program. He is a Tourist Driver. Because of his interactions with many foreign delegates and based on his suggestion, there could be no better place than Japan to grow professionally and it is also at the same time, safe for women.

New Country New Job In tete-a-tete with TITP CandidatesWhat interests you about this job profile?

 Manisha – When I heard about the TITP Program offered at IL&FS Institute of Skills that too for the job role of caregiving, I had to simply take up the course. As a human being, I wanted to feel noble about my profession and I also wanted to experience Japan at the same time. So, these two blended perfectly for the ideas that I had in mind.

Sanjana – Caregiving is about taking care of people who are helpless. So, when I assist them at the time of their need, I feel proud of myself. At the same time, I wanted to witness Japan and their culture too.

You had an internship at an old age home for one month, how was it?

 Manisha – If it would have been only theory, I don’t think I would have been able to relate. But with this internship, it gave me an exposure of what it is going to be like in my future workplace. So yes, I liked it very much.

Sanjana – It was brilliant. It gave me a beforehand experience and most importantly I felt truly humble about the profession I have chosen for myself.

How excited or scared are you about your first job in Japan?

 Manisha – I have been dreaming of visiting the country ever since I started learning Japanese three years ago. I am not too scared, but I am more ecstatic. The trip to Japan is around the corner and I just can’t contain my happiness.

Sanjana– I will be entirely on my own, guided by my own conscience. The people, culture, food will be entirely new. So yes, I am excited about going to Japan.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

 Manisha – Life is unpredictable, however, as I see it, to the place where I am now, I will be a better version of me. I will have learned a great many things.

Sanjana – Can’t really say. I am just looking at what lies immediately ahead, and I want to simply make the best of it.

IL&FS Skills is empaneled as a sending organization for the Technical Intern Training Program (TITP). It is a platform for aspirants to acquire industrial skills as interns, in a foreign land, for a period ranging anywhere between three years to a maximum of five years. The curriculum includes training in Japanese language and culture, besides sector-specific training, as per industry requirements in Japan, for a specified period.

Leaving no stone unturned, IL&FS Skills ensures that students are assisted until the time they are settled in Japan and are made familiar with their surroundings. They are monitored on a regular basis till the completion of their three-year internship. Furthermore, assistance for employment opportunity is provided to the students after their arrival in India.

Now that these two aspirants are about to set voyage, we wish to inspire them with a profound quote cited by the famous, Anthony J. D’Angelo, “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

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